Hello Straya: Remembering Australian Army in Cool Way

December 16, 2016

Good day all,

At the third day of my second visit to Melbourne, we went to the southern of Victoria. Actually my boyfriend accidentally find this place, when he browsed Victorian map at google map. The place called Point Nepean National Park, at the edge of Mornington Peninsula. From our place to that place took us 45 minutes.

It was the front fortress of Australian army. So we can see lot of fortresses around, weapon building, and also eagle eyes. This place still used until 1985.

To get into this place is a little bit hard. But all is worth it because the perfect nature help us to enjoy it.

Because it is a national park, all the nature inside is protected, animals, plants, even the ruins. It was already afternoon, 3pm, when we arrived there. Thank you for the DST, so we still have sunlight a little bit longer. At the end of our visit, we are the last visitor around. LOL.

We can find 50 historic places here like Quarantine Station, Gunner Cottage, Cheviot Hills and Harold Holt Memorial, Pearce Barracks, Fort Pearce, Eagle Nests, and also Fort Nepean it self.

Parked our car at the Gunner Cottage, which actually you can enter, but we can't because it closed.From here, we can enter to the Point Nepean road. There are two different path to use. The walking path or the vehicle path. At the vehicle path, you can ride your bicycle here.
Point Nepean Tourism Map

At the beginning we used walking path to get to the edge. You can also rent a bike if you want. But, the track is not the easiest one. Up to the hill and very long. It's about 3 kilometers. But from this 3 kilometers, they give us a beautiful nature view.
walking track at Point Nepean
Let's go!!!
Just like any other national park at Australia, they put lots of information for you. They also provide shuttle if you want to ride a bus. Inside the shuttle they also provide a map. You can use the bus ride if you want to pay AUD10 each person.

First stop is bay beach walk. In here we can enjoy the beach view, and also the ruin of the jetty. Or just watched lots of seagulls playing at the shore. But, you are forbid to swim in all of these area.
Remaining of cattle jetty
beach walk and cattle jetty remaining
Remaining of cattle jetty in close up
unpredictable wave, no swimming
Seagull. Can you spot Stephen Seagull?
Second stop is Cheviot Hill. In here we found lots of bunkers and also fortress that leave by Australian Army. The most interesting thing is that there's lots of warning sign that it have lots of active grenades. Rain makes us wet, but we really enjoyed it. So, let the pictures and videos talks:
Gun Shield at Cheviot Hill
Sign for active grenade
a way to go inside the gun placement
This is the gun placement, and you can stand in the middle of it, and can make a surround sound

We can also find the monument to remember Australian Prime Minster that lost at the sea in this place, named Mr. Harold Holt. He was the Australian 17th Prime Minister. He love to swim. One day he decided to swim in this place. He still want to swim here even he has been warned about the unfriendly weather. At the end, he never coming up again.

You can find lots of things to see at Fort Nepean at my boyfriend's BLOG here

See you at another post...:)

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