Trying Bakmi Mewah and Indomie Real Meat

December 26, 2016

Hello again,

Another post about noodle. Because for this couple months, I found out that some of Indonesian noodle brand have their new variant of noodle.

If you asked is this product sells at Melbourne? To be honest, I never found this around. But maybe a couple year they will be sells at Melbourne.

This time I write how the taste of BAKMI MEWAH and INDOMIE REAL MEAT. This two different products, have more expensive price than other Indomie goreng. Of course at first I'm hopping they have a different taste or something inside.

This Bakmi Mewah cost me RP8.000 per box. Yes, they wrap this noodle with box. Inside the box it have the wrapped noodle, the spice and also one more wrap consist of chicken.
Bakmi Mewah Banner at its website (
How you cook it is as same as any Indomie noodle. You only need 3 minutes to boiled it at water, and throw away the water, and mix it with spice and chicken.

The chicken is the real chicken, just like what it said at the commercial. It's bigger than usual chicken cut for another instant noodle. And you got mushroom to together with the chicken. The taste remind me of chicken noodle (mie ayam) at every street food in Indonesia.
This is how it look after you finish cooked it, without adding anything else

The portion is just enough for one person. If you want more you can do it, but my suggestion maybe add the boiled egg for this. 

Now, Indomie Real Meat. For this Real Meat version. They give us two different flavours. Chicken mushroom flavor and rendang flavor. In my place it cost around Rp7.500 each. 
indomie Real Meat Commercial fromIndofood

Same like Bakmi Mewah, this Indomie also used box for its products. It have the same way to cook it. 
This is the Indomie Real Meat, Chicken and Mushroom Flavor
The best thing from this Indomie Real Meat is the meat is really big, and you can really taste it. In rendang flavor, beside the meet, you can also have the kidney bean inside. The portion is too small for one person, so you will need more. Because for me, this Indomie Real Meat is enough to eat just the way it is, I don't have to put any other thing inside it.
My favorite from the three, Indomie Real Meat, Rendang flavor
Have you taste the three of them? If you have tell me what's your favorite one?

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