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Etude House, Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails ~Review~

December 28, 2016

Good day all,

I had this nail polish loong time ago, but I never had a chance to make a review of it, until now. It is Etude House brand, called Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nail. Yes, this nail polish can help us to make a beautiful gradation nail.

This product consist of lots of colors. From calm color until cheerful one. They are Screw Driver, Kiss of Fire, Princess Marry, Peach Crush, Lime Squash, and Kahluah Milk. 
Some of the nail polish color.
I bought two different colors, Peach Crush and Screw Driver. I bought each for Rp39.900. I love to used the Screw Driver one, because the color is brighter, while Peach Crush color is calmer than the Screw Driver one.
This is my choice, Peach Crush, sorry for the stain
You get three different colors in one box. They already have number at the top of the cap based on the order. Number 1 for all the nail survace, number 2 for half of the nail, and number 3 for the tip of your nail. If you still confuse, you can see how to do it at the back of the box.
this is what I choose, #07 Peach Crush
"how to use" in the back of the box
I think this nail polish is really good if you put it at summer or spring time. The bright and soft color really fit those seasons.

Where I bought it? I bought it at But unfortunately, this product is out of production.
 the result... love it

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