(DIY) Mini Photo Studio

September 25, 2017

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For all bloggers and amateur photographers, the thing that always make us slow to post our new post, or pictures sometimes is we take a long time to edit our photo. Especially someone like me. Because I only have hand phone, and happy enough with natural lighting a.k.a sunlight, plus depend on editing tools at phone. So, please be advice if my pictures sometimes is really look likes a nob picture.

Until one day, at the cupboard, I found an empty box of Indomie. Yes Indomie. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Indomie. For me, Indomie is another replacement of rice (a main food for almost all Asian countries). Especially, after moving to Melbourne, and suddenly missing Indonesian food, Indomie is always the best. So, my boyfriend always provide us a box of Indomie. Like my mom, she always had a box of Indomie everyday at home.

Anyway, since this empty box is not thrown away, and we already have another box full of Indomie, so I think I can make something from this box. So, the mini photo studio idea is appear.

This are all the things I need for making a mini photo studio:
  • Used box. You can choose any size of box, as long as the box is fit to all models to be your photography object.
  • Tissue paper. This paper will use for covering the big hole at the side and upper the box. You can use any papers, as long as the paper is thin, really thin
  • Thick paper around 250gr or 600gr A3 size
  • Tools like scissor, sticky tape, cutter, pencil, and paper glues

First step is taking all the fourth side of box that they used as the upper cover. After all are gone, make a hole in the right and left side, and also at the upper side.

Measure 5cm each from the edge of the box to the hole at the upper box. While at the sides, 3cm. When the holes are ready, cover it with the tissue paper. Make it tight, and please be careful, because it is easy to torn apart.

Then put the A3 paper inside, at portrait side without cutting it, make a curve but not fold it. In order you will not have a fold mark at your photo. It will be a little bit too long, but it will be no problem. It will help you to make all the background smoothly white.

If you finish all of those steps, you mini photo studio is finish. All you going to do next is, trying it. Put the lighting at the side and upper of the box to get the maximum light. Or you can put it in front of the sunlight. For night photo time, make sure that the light which come from the back of you not leaving any shadow trace at the studio. You can use a brighter lighting to you photo studio, or simple, just turn the light off, and put the lighting at your photo studio.

Happy trying.

Here is the result. What do you think?

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