Hello Straya: Things that I Always Bring Everywhere While in Australia

September 11, 2017

This is my organizer. This organizer is always to be my most important thing to bring in Australia. Because inside I have lots of things that I think would help my present around Australia. Especially when I am not a Permanent Resident yet in Australia. 

This Organizer always be around. I bring it at my pocket or keep it inside my bag. I bought it at Indonesia, that time the only reason for buying this is for being my passport cover. Apparently, this organizer is too big, and leave lots of pocket inside.

Inside I put lots of things like my rupiah money, until my flight ticket. I think it is easier to put all your journey documents in one place, so it is easier. Here are the things inside my organizer and my reason why I bring those things.


Since the first reason bought this is for my passport cover, so yes, there is a passport inside it. The passport is the only things that never taking out except when at immigration. Usually the immigration officer just want our passport, without the cover.

Beside that, the passport is the our ID at other countries. So it's a must right bringing your ID everywhere you go. Since I am not born in Australia, so this passport always come with me everywhere. Since it is difficult if the passport broken, having a cover for the passport is important. That also the reason why I have this as my passport cover.

Indonesian Driving License and Indonesian ID

One that special, if we have our country driving license, you can use it in Australia without changing it to be international driving license. As long as there is an English language at your driving license, it will be alright. But if you use different language other than English, you should have international driving license. Since I am Indonesian, I don't have to change my license, because in the driving license they are stated the English language.

But, you can't use the license forever. If you come to Australia with tourist visa or student visa, you still able to use your country driving license until you are out from Australia, or until your visa expired. So if your license will expired at 2020 and you are visiting Australia at 2018 for 3 months, so your license will be alright for 3 months staying at Australia. It also work for student visa. As long as you are at Australia with student visa, and your driving license still not expired, you can use it.

the different rule applied to people who have Permanent Resident status. If you already be an Australia PR, automatically, your driving license will not able to use in Australia forever or as long as your driving license not expired. If you have a time, you can start to have a new Australian driving license. But all  I know, having Australian driving license from beginning took a long time, my boyfriend's daughter took 5 years to get hers.

The other way is to change your old driving license to translate it. And we just given 3 months to do it. You just have to find the certified agent to translate it. But if you are Indonesian, you can come to Indonesian Consulate Office, in Melbourne, or any other state in Australia.

If you already have the translate driving license, you will able to drive around Australia. But please remember any mistake the fine is so expensive, or they will take your license and car too if they have to. Please don't drink and drive too.

The Indonesian ID is because I still stated as Indonesian citizen, and not become permanent resident yet.

Visa Acceptance Letter fromAustralian Embassy

The visa acceptance letter from Australian Embassy also one of the most important thing to bring everywhere in Australia. You will have this letter if you send your visa application through the travel agent. They will print the letter for you. In this letter it stated how long you get the visa, and until when. Actually, without it will be fine too, because all our data automatically stated in their immigration data base.

I bring this letter just for my secure for my self. You know, some people just feeling insecure if they are not bringing something. For me, this one is the statement that I am legal being in Australia. Beside, my boyfriend also told me, sometimes at immigration, they asked about this letter. So why not bringing it everywhere. who knows some people asked you about this. 

Debit and Credit Cards

Shopping is always a must if you go to somewhere new, right. Since I am at Melbourne, it is way much more easier to bring cards rather than cash. But some places still need cash, like parking fee, or some of Asian restaurant, and gift shops at Queen Victoria Market.

Indonesian Rupiah

I even don't know why I still have this Indonesian rupiah money, but have no Aussie dollar. LOL.

Used Flight Tickets

I started to keep my flight ticket in and out Australia since the first time I came to Australia. The memory feeling that sometimes I needs that how much I have passed in this several years. And also the journey I had been trough to be in Australia.

Eureka Tower & Melbourne Star Ticket

Used ticket too. Because the memories also. What memories? You can read my post about the time we visited these place HERE

Lunar Drive In Ticket

These are the movie tickets that I keep from watching movies at Lunar Drive In. Because I like to watch movie here, so I like to keep the ticket. Why I like watching in this place, I made a post about it too HERE.

Membership Card from Body Shop & Etude House

Unfortunately, since the body shop card I have is Indonesian card, I can't use it at Australia, and the Etude House card is useless, because no Etude House at Melbourne.


Given by my ex boss, this pen actually never been used until I moved here. I always brought it because you know one time you need a pen to write something.

There area things inside my organizer. But to be remember, always keep the most important thing near you, and always be safe.

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