(DIY) Making a Dried Flower

September 30, 2017

Last Saturday, after work, suddenly my boyfriend gave me a bucket of flower. It so surprised me, because this time he never gave me something like that. LOL. Of course I like surprise, who don't. And finally we have flower decoration at our table.

Just like another flower buckets, this also will die, even you always water it. Since the flower is not always given by him everyday, I want this flower at home all the time. So I had an idea to make a dried flower. So this flower will always at home.

There are some couple ways to make a dried flower. All you need just a moisturiser absorber, or you can also use silica gel. Some also said you can use the cat litter with clay bassed. After that all you need just microwave or oven. Or you can do it without it, but it need longer time.
Moisture Absorber


because this is my first time making a dried flower, so I tried the most easiest way, and quick. I used the microwave's method. All you need just moisture absorber, bucket, and also scissor.

First, cut the stem up to 10cm from the edge, then clean all the leaves at the flower's stem. Then put it inside the bucket that fill with the moisturiser absorber (don't close it), then heap it again with the moisturizer absorber. Make sure that all the flowers are not overlap each other.

Then put in to the microwave. Turn the microwave at defrost mode for 1 minute. This defrost mode is letting the heat but not too hot heat help the moisturizer absorber absorb faster, but not making it and the flower getting burn. After 1 minute check your flower, if it's not dry yet, put it again for another 1 minute. Do it again and again until it really dry.

For small flower, and flower with a few petals, 1 minute is enough time. But for flower with lots of petals, it's a little bit tricky. For this method I set the timer for 1.5 minutes. Why? So, after it dried at the microwave. The moisturizer absorber will stuck at the flower petals. The best thing to get rid of it is by the toothpick. Try to clean it really careful, because beside the absorber is hot, the petals also fragile. We don't want the petals gone right.

Another method to let the absorber out is by letting it melt at the air. But this method took loong time. It ned 1 until 2 days to let it melt.


This method is success enough with the flower with lots of petals. Beside, this method also make a longer stem flower possible. This method also quick, because we can use lots of stems in one.

I used this oven method to dried a long stem, without cut it. I preheat the oven around 25-50 Celsius degree, by using hot air only. This mode only blow the hot air from the oven. So you will not getting worried about burning the flower down.

In this method try to check it every 3-5 minutes. Around 15-30 minutes the flowers will getting dry. Beside, you can change the flower position, usually the flower in the nearest position to the fan will dry faster, so it's better to change the position.


This is the easiest method. You just need to cut your flower as long as the green house you have. Put the absorber, then flower, and don't forget to bury the flower with the absorber, then close the green house.  Don't let any air come inside your green house. After that just leave the green house at the place where it can get enough light.
Unfortunately, this method took me a long time. It is around 2-3 weeks (mine still inside the green house when I made this post). If you have enough time, you can do this method, or if you don't have, you can choose one of those two methods before.

After all the flowers are dried, just spray the hairspray at the petals. It will help the petals stronger and durable. At the end, you can have a dried flower for your decorations.

Feel free to try, and tell me the result. But if you have any method to do it, I would like to see it, just leave at the comment.

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