(DIY) Birthday Card for the Second Time

October 15, 2017

A couple days ago was My Boyfriend's birthday. The most special thing is that I already move here, to Melbourne this year. Last year was easier to made the card and also I was able to gave him a birthday present. I still worked, and earned money for bought the things that I need for made my card. And he didn't know.

This year, I have a little difficulty to prepare it. Since now we are living together, and I still not able to work, so everything I had to depend on him. Buying all the things that needed are finally as simple as it can (and he know that I want to make a birthday card)

I do really like making this kind of card,even my level still novice, but, I guess this could be a fun hobby.

The card that I made this time is different with standard greeting card. I called it zigzag card. Because the result will be zigzag.

These are what I need:
  • A4 carton paper
  • Colorful origami paper or carton paper that have the same size like origami paper
  • Lots of pictures based on the theme that I will going to make. Like now my theme is landscape, so I found pictures like clouds, sun, trees, etc. Just get it from internet, and then print it. 
  • pencil/ pen, glue, scissors.
First, At the A4 carton paper, measure from the left down to up for 6.5cm, then the right up to down 6.5cm, then make a line from it.After it, cut it, and you will have two unfinished cards.

Second, from the lowest, measure 9.9 cm and 19.8 cm.Then fold the paper one paper to the left, one to the right, until it make a zigzag shape.

Next step that I did was add another different color with 0.5cm differences.
After finished, I decorated it with all the pictures that i found in the internet. You can use any other pictures. It's all depend on your creativity. At the end, write the greeting at the empty space inside the card.

Hope you try it too.

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