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L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick Extraordinaire, My New Favorite Lipstick

October 07, 2017

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Actually this lipstick product has been launch long time ago. But since I just get it 6 pieces, and... Hey, this is L'oreal. So this post is about how I feel after trying this new lipstick collection of mine.

So, when father's day in Australia, my boyfriend took me to have lunch party at his ex-wife's house. Oh yes, he and his ex-wife still have a good communication to each other. Actually this like a big family lunch party. Beside us, there were her husband, the kids from them, and also the kids from her husband,and also her mother too.

After lunch time, suddenly she brought big package that consist of lots of L'oreal product. She said because her friend is working at L'oreal, so she gave these products to her. She's not really into cosmetics I think, so she share all of those things to the four of us. Me, her mother, her daughter,and also her husband daughter.

Since I really like lipstick, and in that bag it had lots of lipsticks, one of them is this L'Extraordinary lipstick. From all, I got six different colors.

From it website, this lipstick describe with very beautiful color and glossy and soft in your lip. And with infuse oil, where the traditional lipstick use wax for its product. The infuse oil will make the result shinier.

This lipstick actually already at the market since 2014/25. So it already been around a long time.

The six colors that I got are Rose Melody (101); Rose Finale (102); Rose Symphony (201); Rouge Soprano (301); Ruby Opera (304); and Fuchia Drama (401). And it wrapped with the beautiful places. With gold color and the color in the middle makes this is so luxury.

Because this is lip gloss, when I tried it feel oily at my lip but not too oily. Since this is not matte, it produce shiny end at the end. Unfortunately this lipstick is not long lasting.So easy for this lipstick to be wiped away from your lip. My suggestion is, always bring this lipstick everywhere when you decide to wear this.

This is my new favorite lipstick, because the light result. Even it result is shiny, it doesn't mean this lipstick have glitter in it. The shine came from the infuse oil. Beside light, I can't feel the oily feeling at my lip.

One thing that makes me like this lipstick is the color. They color collections are really beautiful. From six colors that I had, I like all the colors in my lip. From the pink that makes my lip turn peach. Until the red color that makes a glamour touch in your lip.

This lipsticks are fit to put in every situation. From hang out with your friend until come into the invitation. This is the six colors fron Color Riche that I try.
This one is Rose Melody,number 101. The pink color when I swatch it at my lip, it become my lip color, it look like a natural color for my lip.

This color is good for everyday use.

The second one is Rose Finale (102), The soft pink color makes your lip having a natural pink color. And this color also good to wear in everyday life, or for going to campus, or office.
The third one is Rose Symphony (201), this a little dark pink color is also look good in my lip. I would like to wear it when I having fun with my friend, or going to concert.

Red color? Of course this lipstick have. This red color lipstick called Rough Soprano (301). Good to wear for formal occupation. Or for making you a little bit look professional but still look fun.

Next red color one is Ruby Opera (304). The color so sweet and sexy. So good to wear it at formal occupation, or when you have a date with your partner. Because this color makes your lip look glamorous.
Try another color like Fuschia Drama (401). This colors is fit for any occations. Even the color is bright, it will not make your make up too much until makes you older. It just fit your young soul too.

I think all of these colors are prefect to wear day and night. Beautiful result in your lip. I really like it. How about you? Have you ever try this lipstick? Is there any of your favorite lipstick? Tell me by commenting at this post... :) 

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