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July 13, 2017

Hi, good day all,

Before I moved to Melbourne, Mumun is one of my concern all the time. Because we still have not enough money to bring her with me. And I also I don't have a willing to let her alone at Indonesia, without me with the new parents.
my cutie pie Mumun
As a domestic breed, Mumun is not a special breed in some of Indonesian people who they tell them self a cat lover. And if someone have domestic cat, they will treat the cat as a wild cat. And for them, me treating Mumun to be an indoor cat is something weird, knowing that she "just" a domestic breed.

In Indonesia, if you want an indoor cat, most of them choose an expensive breed, like siam breed, persian breed, and any breed with really really expensive price. I still not find anyone who have domestic breed but treated it like someone who have an expensive breed in Indonesia.
do you know she like to sit at my tummy and cover with blankie?
I had a housemate before, and she had a domestic breed cat. But she treated her cat just like most of Indonesian people with their domestic breed cat. She lets her walk in and out the house, having a contact with wild cats, she even gave her cat human meal as her food. Actually giving fish or any protein to cat will be alright, but to teach them understand which one is my food and which one is her food, you can't share your food with them. She also not provide her cat a litter box, so she always littering around the house, yuck! DIRTY!! So I bought her the litter box to make her understand. Since then, she always provide a litter box for her cat, but another problem occur, this girl don't always clean her cat's litter. Even the best thing to get the cat away from the virus is always clean the litter once everyday, she don't care about it. Me,as her housemate was so angry, I don't want to get sick just because she didn't put any responsibility to her cat.
This is an Indonesian article about how to have a cat without worrying about toxoplasmosis:

There is always a good thing for us to learn how to have a pet, before we really adopt one. Like me, since I was a kid, all of the people around me always scared me about how cat can give you toxoplasmosis virus. But since I read lots of articles, finally I know how to prevent the virus, and how to keep our cat free from that virus. The best thing that we can do is always provide clean and healthy food and water for our cat. 
toxoplasma cycle

Second, providing cat litter box. This is also really important. Since my house have a lots of wild cat, which are so dirty and full of viruses, so keeping Mumun inside is the best way to prevent the virus came to her. This litter box is also the things that keep Mumun inside. She doesn't have to go outside just for poop or pee. And after she doing her business at the litter box, is important to clean the litter box everyday.

Once every two weeks Mumun having her bath with the cat shampoo, and warm water. I want to keep separate between thing that I can use as a human and thing that she can use as a cat, not to mix it. So that's why she had her own shampoo. I said like this,because I still heard some of people around me using the human shampoo for their cat. And the warm water is to keep her calm and not running here and there. Her towel is also different like mine, and drying her fur not with hairdryer. If you don't have a fur drying machine, you just let the fur dry by it self. It will be okay if your cat is indoor cat.

Everytime Mumun went out from home, I always put harness at her. To keep her out of reach. And if we walked a little bit further, I prefer hug her, or put her at pet carrier.

Since I put these conditions for her new parents candidates, no one able to follow what I want. I even don't understand why they can't follow the simple conditions like that. Because of that, I really confuse to leave Mumun at Indonesia. One of my friend agreed to taking care of her, but not her parents. Luckily another friend of mine also want to taking care of her. But since her house is not like mine, most of the time it is open, and lots of people comes and go, she wants me to made something for Mumun to keep her save as an indoor cat.

At the end, I found an article about CATIO. Catio is a cat cage outside the house that connected to the house. To them who have a garden this catio thing is perfect for your baby furry. Your cat can enjoy the outside without worrying they will suddenly gone. Fo me, this catio is perfect for Mumun that still able being outside, without worrying she will meet a wild cat.

Actually, you can make this catio everywhere, as long as it save for your baby furry. The most important thing, you will also not forget to fill it with your cat needed like its litter, food, and toys.

Here are some example of catios I've found at google:

this is an example of simple and easy catio.
this is extend catio, for cat owner who have creativity to build their catio.
But since my friend house is not made for connecting catio, so I made the catio separated from the house. It loos like a cage actually, but I like to call it catio.

The tools that needed is so simple. I just only had to find plywood, plastic roofs, and also the carpenter tools. Since it will be difficult, my boyfriend suggest me for looking a carpenter to make it. So I found one, and asked him to build one according the sketch that my boyfriend made.

It just took two days to finished it. Once it finished, he also put the big catio at my friend's house. The catio it self have 1,5 meters length and 2 meters high. In hope that Mumun have lots of space to move around.
this is catio we design for Mumun
two floors for her save place
there's a stair inside too, to get to the second floor
the upper level for her to walk around
Mumun checking her brand new temporary house 
big enough for her to moving around
she in totally new environment. Hope she is alright.

Inside the catio, I put her favourite banana pillow, and her blanky. This banana pillow and the blanky are her favorite things when she's with me. With those things around here, I hope she will be alright waiting there until I can bring her with me to Melbourne.

If you still don;t know why I can't bring Mumun with me, you can c come at THIS page to know the reason.

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