Hello Straya: Model Expo & Oz Comic Con 2017

July 31, 2017

Hi, Good day all,

I'm going to two events in two weeks
The post this time is about my time visited two different expos at Melbourne. First was about the Model Expo, and the second one was about Melbourne Oz Comic Con. Model expo was not the expo about human model, but more into the model kit. This was my first time visited this expo,and for my boyfriend, he always came at this expo, this expo was his favorite expo.

The model expo 2017 held at Sandown Racecourse every year. They had this event as for celebrated Queen's birthday. If you forget, Australia is still part of United Kingdom,so they also have holiday to celebrate the Queen of England. In this expo, you can see a lots of kits that made from the tiny one, until the biggest one. You can find air force planes, tanks, or soldier miniatures. You also can find racing cars, even gundam. The complete story about this expo has been told in my boyfriend's blog, you can visit his blog HERE.

These are some of the model kits that I took when we was at the expo:

who doesn't like cute & sexy model?

Mix between sexy,cute, and robot?why not

ordinary musume also ok

this model is soooooo tiny

this is the model of japanese warship, of course it's never been real

Gundam is the favourite model in here beside tank and plane

Building robot model also one of the favorite thing

this cute pink panther car is a campaign 

this is one of my favorite. It's a mini model. And look at those details

Of course...CAR

Car again

they even build a minion gundam

Gundam is still favorite

This is a giant gundam, its tall is almost mine

this also one of my favorite. Look all those details

This archer is also a mini model

Samurai model

they even build this kind of model,amazing

sexy lady, sexy lady everywhere

The only God model that display in a cool form

Oh yes, deadpool

Me taking picture of Mas Bojo taking picture of Tazmanian Devil and it car

Tazmanian Devil & its car

I found the Oz Comic Con by accident. One day when I watched the television, it showed the commercial about this, so asked my boyfriend about visiting this expo. Same like Model expo, this Oz Comic Con also wasn't the fist time in Melbourne,and Australia.
Melbourne Comic Con 2017 at Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Center
Oz Comic Con in Melbourne was held at July 1st and 2nd, 2017, at Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Center. For a cosplayer lover, you can see lots of people wearing their cosplayer costumes. This year, Melbourne Comic Con invited some artists like Allison Hannigan (Buffy the Vampire Slayer & How I Meet Your Mother), Jason Momoa (Games of Thrones & Aquaman), etc.
we bought our ticket online, so we just go straight to the gate and each and everyone of us receive this bracelet
We went at Sunday, July 2nd 2017. At this day, they had Games of Thrones Panel with Daniel Portman & Eugene Simon. In these panel, lots of people asked lots of questions, especially about their acts at GOT. Some also have absurd questions like what Hogwart house that they would choose. While Daniel choose Slytherin, Eugene choose Hufflepuff.
Games of Throne Panel is one of the panels they have that day
these some videos i get from comic con:

Talking about Harry Potter, I also found lots of people cosplayed as Hogwart students. Beside Hogwart students, there were lots of cosplayer. From anime/ manga,until game. All were in here.

Since this is the first time for me, I still a little bit confused about how they put the booths around. Lack of instruction's boards, and also staffs. It was so hard to find the staff around.
but you can have fun by playing a game in this event, like this dance competition
Or even having fun with family at creativity corner
this corner is my favorite, because you can see lots of drawing from the guests creativity. And it's fun
Cosplay, of course. This year still dominated by princesses and also wonder women
avengers and its ally....of course
Hey! I meet Groot!!!!
This year Comic Con was the first time they have anime corner. Too bad, for the first time being part of this Comic Con, the Anime Corner didn't feel like anime at all. They had several mangas in english language at their bookshelves at their corner. you can find some of famous mangas here, like Naruto, One Piece, Death Note, etc.They also have schedule for watched anime every half hours. Since I like anime and manga so much, I was expected this corner will be like anime heaven. But it still far from it.

My boyfriend is not a huge fan of anime. When I move here, I introduced him with some of the anime I like, such as Card Captor Sakura, Inuyasha, Death Note, we even watched some animes from Studio Ghibli like Totoro, Spirited Away, and Cat Return.
Comic books at anime corner
All I could see in this expo, Japanese anime or manga still lacked of fan. Even though they are lack of fans, but you still can find some people cosplayed as a popular manga like One Piece and also Sailor Moon.
they even have my favorite manga
I told to my boyfriend that I would like to wear a cosplay too next time. I said I want to be Sakura Kinomoto, or maybe Kagome Higurashi... But I think the best one is being Kaonashi (No face) from the Spirited Away.
This is Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura

Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha

Kaonashi (No Face) fromSpirited Away

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