Hello Straya: Mas Bojo Belated Birthday Dinner (Dine it at Taco Bill Cranbourne West)

December 03, 2017

*Mas Bojo is the way I call my boyfriend

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After before we spent my boyfriend birthday night with take away Mexican food, a week after coming home from her holiday at Queensland, my boyfriend's daughter invite us to have belated birthday dinner. Apparently, at the same night, my boyfriend's son had his 18th birthday at his ex-wife's house (which where his daughter stay and not invited).
Happy Birthday Mas Bojo
So, since she didn't invited at her brother's party and she didn't have place to keep quite, she and her boyfriend invited us to have dinner at the Mexican restaurant near our house. The restaurant name is Taco Bill. Actually, the restaurant is not that close. Our house at Cranbourne North, while the restaurant is at Cranbourne West. She said she will treat four of us because it is a dinner party for her father. 

From 7.30pm appointment, become 8pm appointment, and when we were there, all the parking lots near the restaurant was full. So we have to parked our car a little bit far from the restaurant, and it also dark. We met with his daughter and her boyfriend in front of the restaurant. Luckily we booked first, because when we arrives, the restaurant was really full. Seems somebody also celebrate her/his birthday too inside the restaurant.

My boyfriend's daughter then asked about her booked, and it turns they giving our table to somebody else. Since we already there, they are trying to make a table for us. Finally we get our table after 10 minutes waiting.

Luckily our table wasn't at the middle. We sat at the place with the partition there. So we wouldn't know what the other customer says, drinks, and eats. Which is good. LOL.

Since this restaurant is places at the shop, it makes this restaurant not too big. If you read my post about "trying mexican food for the first time", it is so different from it. This restaurant have a tiny bit Mexican atmosphere inside, not look like Mexican Cantina. When you entered the Mexican Cantina restaurant, your eyes will be delighted with Mexican interior, from the door until all the tiny wall ornaments. In this Taco Bill, even they try to make the atmosphere feels like Mexican, like the wall paint, and the Mexican kitchen, this Taco Bill have less Mexican interior. Even at the entrance the Mexican atmosphere been feel, but when you walked inside, the interior is just enough with Sombrero hats hanging. But I can understand it since this restaurant have lots of branches.

Because it's my boyfriend's daughter's treat, all of us followed what she want to order. LOL. At the end, we decided to order Fiestas. This is a banquet menu that minimum two person can order it. Since it was the four of us, so this menu is perfect. And in this menu, we can get Nacos Supremos, it is a super huge portion of Naco with lots of toppings. And each of us can get a portion of Taquitos, and Burrito with Mexican Rice. And you can choose the meat, beef or chicken. I choose chicken, like always.
Fruit Margaritas
I ordered Fruit Margaritas for my drink. And this is not dissapoint! Because the drink was super fresh and delicious. This drink is made from mixed lemon, strawberry, manggo and pinapple fruit. 

Chicken & Beef Taquitos
The first meal that came out from this Fiesta menu is Taquitos. It apparently is a long naco chip that filled with meat (beef/ chicken). The chips is so crunchy and thick, plus the corn taste is so tasty. The meat combination, corn chips, and the tomato sauce was really perfect. Since the sauce was not spicy, they offer you jalapeno chiles, which looks like a jalapenos pickle, and I think it was not really spicy. 

Nacos Supremos, Enakos bangetos!!!
The second one that came out is Nacos Supremos. It was a huge chips with lots of sauces, and super hot. Like the Taquitos the chips was super crunchy, and corny. The three Mexico sauces, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa fresca also perfect. Looks like the mozzarella has been put at the stack of the chips, and they heat it until it melt, and at the end they topped it with the sauce. This is super duper delicious.

Chicken Burrito with Mexican Rice
After that, then our main meal came out, it was burrito. Apparently chicken burrito and beef burrito have different presentation. For my chicken burrito, they topped it with melted cheese. The spice for cooking the chicken is not spicy at all. This chicken burrito one now really have chicken taste (read my post again about take away Mexican food), because when I munched it, I can taste the chicken meat inside my mouth. The burrito wrap also not too thick, so when I ate it, the burrito and the chicken mix to be one delicious taste inside my mouth.

The rice actually a little bit different from Indonesian rice. It dryer and the grain bigger too. Maybe since the grain is bigger and dryer it doesn't took a lots spoons to make me full enough.

At Fiestas menu, they also have dessert. We can choose between Mexican Chocolate Mouse or Flan de Queso. Since we were full, we can take our dessert home. My boyfriend choose Flan de Queso for his dessert, and when I taste it, it so sweet. Really sweet for my taste. Unfortunately, the Chocolate Mouse taste was not too chocolate, and luckily is not as sweet as the Flan de Queso. 

This Taco Bill restaurant was a long time established at Australia. Its first owner is Mexican called Bill Chilcote. He came from the Mexican and California border, and came to Australia at 1967. His first restaurant was at Queensland, before move to the south. Before they established Melbourne restaurant, he already have this restaurant at Bondi and Sidney. And now, in Victoria, he already have 35 branches.

This restaurant also offer vegetarian and gluten free menu, have a wheelchair access, and also kids friendly. If you are looking for semi-formal restaurant, or good Mexican restaurant, this place is recommended. It also have a good ratings in some website. It got 4 out of 5 stars at Google Review, 3.5 out of 5 point at Tripadvisor Australia, and 7 out of 10 point at menulog. Most of it praising their quick, good, and friendly service.

If you visit Melbourne, you can find this restaurant around Collin Street and Russel Street, Melbourne, or to the South Melbourne. If you are going around Cranbourne, you can find it atShop /1-3 Universal Way, Cranbourne West, Victoria, 3977.

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