Book Review: Fabric Animals, Baby Book Record by Bang On The Door

December 27, 2017

We have a new member at our family, a handsome baby called Hudson Xavier. After two nights being at labor, finally we welcomed him.
He is 3 months old in this picture
We called him baby Huddy (Doc). He had lots of gift at the day he was born. Just like in my country, everytime the baby born, they will gave lots of presents for him. Starting from the cute clothing until baby cosmetics and also toys.

Since his parents stay with us, automatically some of the baby things scattered around. One of the things that catch my attention is some books that become his gift. These aren't a story book, but more like book shape time capsule. More like a memories that happen before and after the baby arrived and also the memories when the baby grows.

One of the books called Baby Record Book. Simple, but yes this is for recording the baby growth.

Published by Bang On The Door. This publisher is one of the publisher that created some famous character that we can see in kids sections, like Classic Animals, FABric Animals, and the Groovy Chick.

Established at 1986, at the beginning they created simple and funny design, then grow to build lots of products like bag, shirts, etc.

For FABric Animals it self, they produce lots of products like book, shirts, bags, and also stationary. One of them is this Baby Record Book.

Title: Baby Record Book
Publisher: Bang On The Door (FABric Animals)
Australian Publisher: Ice Water Press
Pages: 40 pages
Dimension: H 241mm X W 273mm X D 20mm
Prize: Australia AU$50.19 (Ebay Australia) / New Zealand: NZ$29.99 (thebabyfactory.co.nz)


This book have a hard and beautiful cover. With FABric Animals design animal cover, it also decorated by a pretty blue ribbon. The cover colour is dominant white, with purple colour at the binding side. So you don't have to worry if you don't know the baby gender yet, because this baby book is gender neutral.

The pictures are so cute. When I saw it I immediately love it. Since baby is close with cute, so the cute cover will raise that cute baby feeling, and made you want to write anything about the baby in this book.


Since this book is designed for recording the baby growth, so all inside this book are everything that connected with the baby. And this book can record all the memories until the baby at age four.
First book will need you to record the first important thing, the baby name. It printed with cute font, and also the FABric Animals' animal, with soft feeling.

Next page is as cute as the front and cover page. In this book we will asked to put some memories about the first time the parents find out when the mother first time know she's pregnant. And what they are expecting since they know it. And I think, the coolest thing is they give a full one page for parents to put the picture of the memories.

Each pages will makes us want to tell all the stories about the baby growth. From the first time the parents saw the baby inside the mummy's tummy, and also the page what the things that mum consumption when she still pregnant, and what she did, also the page when the baby was born, and who were there, who visited the baby the first time arrived, they also have a page for a family tree too. From the parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. So cute.

baby growth not only once every year, in every month we could see the baby grow. Each of those memories also can be put in this book. It just as easy as put the baby pictures in the certain pages. Like in these two pages full of the memories for the baby growth each three months until 12 months age.

This book also provide pages for each birthday, until the baby fourth birthday. And also another pages for what is new in their first, second, third and fourth age, like things that the baby had learn, of course also the page for putting the pictures.

For the expecting baby parents, this book is so interesting, you could write anything about your baby growth, then keep it as the memory. And also, one day you want to remember all these things right? Sometimes the first teeth also need to be record.

And for the baby, they will see their first four years in this book when they are grow up.

This book also can be a present for the expecting parents. I think this book is super fun. Especially they put a cute pictures, fonts, and decorations in each pages. For a new mums, I guess this book will make you love to write everything about your baby.

How to put the picture inside the book? Don't worry, they also have a special pockets and envelope for putting any other memories inside.

In Australia, this book published by Ice Water Press. You could find books from this publisher at the online shop at Melbourne. Too bad, they are not having it anymore, since it is difficult for me to find it offline and online.

You can also find it at New Zealand baby online shop, Baby Factory, they still sells it for NZ$29.99 or around AU$27.30

Too bad this book is also not available at Gramedia book store, in Indonesia. But I don't know if there is any book store that provide this kind of book. I would love to give this as a gift for the new parents, or the new baby born. How about you?

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