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Australian Local Cosmetic, Free Animal Cruelty and Vegan

January 20, 2018

Before I moved to Australia, I collected a Indonesian local cosmetic brands like Wardah, Sariayu and Pixy. Beside those three brands are suitable for my skin, it also will be difficult for me to get one of them once I moved to Australia. Beside looking for Korean cosmetics also a little bit hard in Australia.

Of course those cosmetics only last a couple months, until I become a little bit worried, what if I couldn't find a suitable cosmetics at Australia. So, i tried to browsed some places like Priceline until K-mart, offline and online. Of course they didn't sell Indonesian cosmetics. LOL.

But, what so interesting is, an Australian cosmetics, or cosmetics that sells in Australia, some of them is free animal cruelty and vegan. You could find other famous cosmetics too. Like NYX, Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel, until Fenti Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty, etc.

In this post, I would like to tell you some of Australian cosmetics that free animal cruelty and also vegan. Which means all of their cosmetics range is not tested on animals or using animal part for their product. 

The Body Shop

Source: The Body Shop Australia

Alright, The Body Shop is not Australian cosmetics. But their first shop at Australia opened at 1983. We all know that their product is 100% free animal cruelty and vegan. And they also have Enrich not Exploit as their commitment. Which means, their product not just only free animal cruelty & vegan, but also all their products produce with fair trade, between them, the farmer, and also their supplier.

Their cosmetics ranges also lots. All of us probably known it already.

Australis Cosmetics

Soure: Australis Cosmetics

One of my earliest Australian cosmetics. Australis cosmetics' free animal cruelty and vegan logo is get from Choose Animal Cruelty Organization. A non-profit organization in Australia that doing accreditation for almost all Australian brand products, not just cosmetics.

Their cosmetics range is lots. A couple months ago, they launch their K-Pop range, that based on Korean cosmetics lover. Recently they also launch their new product called Unicorn Collections. This product is really fit for you who really love glittery make up.

Their Unicorn Collections have four colours liquid lips and eyeshadow collection, plus they also have their Unicorn Drops range that could be use for highlighter or foundation, and their Unicorn drops collections have three different colours, white, purple, and bronze.

Their other collections are velourlips lip matte with lots of shades, the original primer, etc. And almost all of their products win the Australian Beauty Awards.

Chi Chi Cosmetics

Source: Chi Chi Cosmetics

Other Australian cosmetics is ChiChi Cosmetics. Judge by its price, this cosmetics is a little bit more expensive than Australis Cosmetics. If Australis Cosmetics already get their free animal cruelty status from Choose Animal Cruelty Australia, ChiChi Cosmetics get their status from PETA International, same like The Body Shop.

Talking about their product range, ChiChi Cosmetics seldom have new cosmetics range. They main products like their eyeshadow pallet, which they have lots of ranges, and also their liquid foundation. Their perfume also the best offer.

BYS Cosmetics

Source: BYS Cosmetics
The brand that founded at 2004 is one of the easiest cosmetics product to find. You could find this product at K-Mart, as one of their stockist. And also, this cosmetics brand is cheaper than ChiChi Cosmetics and The Body Shop.

Beside K-Mart, you can find BYS Cosmetics products at Priceline and Chemist Warehouse. And what I like from this brand beside its price and free animal cruelty, this product also have lots of ranges too. So it's all depend on us, what make up trend that we want to do.

A'Kin Skin Care

Not just cosmetics, Australia also have a free animal cruelty and vegan skin care products. Free paraben and no sulfates, A'Kin Skin Care said their product is 100% natural. And their product still on their way to get free animal cruelty status from Choose Animal Cruelty Australia. 
Source: Akin Skin Care

For their product range, it's all depend on your skin problem and need. They put it into three different range, Hydrating, Brightening and Rejuvenating. And it come for almost all your skin problems, from skin to hair too.

Nude by Nature

Like its name, Nude by Nature is a mineral cosmetics, also use natural ingredients for their products. It said this brand is the number one mineral cosmetics brand in Australia. Because their products made from nature without dangerous chemical like parabens or bismuth.
Nude By Nature Summer Collections
Source: Nude By Nature
Nude by Nature Spring Collections
Source: Nude By Nature
They packaging is also elegant. And, beside selling their product in one piece, they also have their set. You could buy their brush collections, and will get it with the elegant and beautiful clutch too. Or, want to buy a season makeup, they have their spring and summer makeup collections too.

Model Co

Source: Model Co

Their motto is Always Think in Pink, because their product packaging is PINK. LOL. Like ChiChi Cosmetics, Model Co products already have free animal cruelty from PETA International.

Their product range started from makeup, tanning, until skin care. Their main product is their tanning, because tanning is their first product. Model Co also collaborate with Karl Lagerferd at 2017 (they still on progress). And also with Rosie hatington-Whiteley, an English model and Jason Statham's wife. 

So that's some of the Australian cosmetics which are free from animal testing and also vegan. For me, it makes me easier to get the specific cosmetics like these in Australia, because they have lots of brands here. 

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