I Could Be Sad Too

July 13, 2018

Since move to Melbourne, Australia, I received soo much negative comment from people I call family. They are my mother's siblings. And sometimes it hurt me so much because all of their negative comments are for me, but they said it to my mother.

I couldn't imagine how confuse my mother to answer all of their negative comments about my new life.

Even we all know so well, that starting a new life is not an easy option. Especially when you decided to move to other country. Different people, different language, different culture, different rules.

And all of us know, having a new life is as same as building a house. We have to build a strong foundation first. It's including how I try my best to be legal person in Australia. Legal in law, in everything.

Cheapskate Partner 

The negative comments are including every aspects of my new life, including my partner. They said my partner is a cheapskate person. Why they say that?

No, it's not because my partner never give me something, or making me the one that paid for everything we did and have. It's because they never been given by us. It's a little bit funny and hated in one.

I mean, why they said my partner is cheapskate based on how much or how often he give them something. It is really makes me sad, just because my partner (and I) really think they are not the right people to be given.

Beside, my partner is a human. He also working hard for everything he have now. And I respect everything he have. Of course I don't want to makes all of his effort in his life being "thrown away" into some people that shouldn't be the one who need it.

Beside, the point of having a partner is to sharing life, love, laugh and everything together. Not because I want his money. Well it's me, personally, I want a partner not an ATM machine.

Have a Degree But Still Have No Job

Maybe they think looking for Job for non-resident in Australia is easy.

True, that my visa now allow me to work with no limited hour. But, it doesn't mean everything will be easy. Since my University certificate is not acceptable for job search, and I have no Australian course certificates at all.

Back in Indonesia, it is easier to find any job with any background. For example, it doesn't matter you have bachelor degree in IT but you able to teach a primary school. In Australia, you must have a degree in teaching. Depend on what kind of teacher you want, early learning, special need, etc.

And, if you think teaching a kindergarten and primary is your dream job, you have to prepare for Working With Children Check too. This card will allow you to work around children, such as daycare teacher, kindergarten teacher, primary school until college teachers, playground cashier, babysitter, any jobs that involves you around children.

And this WWCC will last for five years, and you have to renew it once it over.

And, do you think you are able to work as hotel supervisor when your degree is economy? Nope. You have to earn degree from hospitality course. So, all of the job they offers you, you could take it, but you should have the same educational degree that in line with it. 

"How about opening food vendor, you like to cook nowaday"

Honestly, lots of people have this kind of comment to me. Not just only my "so called family". But some of my friend. I don't think this is offended. But I think I have to tell them that it is not easy to open a business, especially food business. 

Photo by Aphiwat  chuangchoem from Pexels
You couldn't just cleaning your garage, put some of chairs and tables, prepare your own kitchen or use your personal kitchen, putting the sign board, and promote here and there. You should know something about food safety standard.

This Food Safety Standard makes you have to follow every rules that have been made for food industry. Say that you should prepare your plan and bring it to Melbourne Health Standard. It include your plan about what kind of chair, tables, and decoration you put at your restaurant, what kind of kitchen tools, what kind of ingredients, where you get it, etc. 

It's not the end, you have to wait again for them to have inspection (if your plan is accept) you will be assess for inspection, then you should prepare for your supervisor, and have a food safety program, then you will have a right to register your restaurant. Then you have to wait until your register number out. When your register number is out, then you could open your own restaurant.

Restaurant, canteen, catering, all the same. 

So yeah, lately, I just feeling sad because even though I already move here for more than a year, and still struggling, some people just don't want to know the life bits like that. All they know that I move to a better place, but I still not getting better. 

It makes me sad because they said it to my parents. Of course it makes my parents sad. Especially when they know that how I struggled here, and it just about time, but their explanation means nothing for those people. 

Anyway, it's just a post about my negative feeling. I don't know where I have to tell, so I decide to write it in here. Just because I need some space to explain what actually happen in my life now. 

I know maybe that people who said my family not read this, but, I guess it's better to write something that I feel so bad in my mind in here. 

I hope this post doesn't feel so negative at all. 

I'll see you in another "happier" post. 

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