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November 26, 2017

Yay! It's spring time, goodbye warm clothes, hello colourful clothes. Hello sunshine and warm wind. Even sometimes it still cold, especially in the morning. But, rain still come and go. Even the rain still come and go, but willing to travelling finding something new still here too.

This time my boyfriend took me to Coal Creek. Last year we went there too, but at that time it was closed for celebrating Halloween. So, this time we went there before Halloween time. Just took us 30 minutes from our home. It placed at Korumburra.
Coal Creek Building Entrance

Coal Creek was a mining town. But not like Walhalla, Coal Creek is a coal mining (duh! LOL). Found at 1872, coal then became one of the popular commodity at that time. After they found the coal, this mine then operated until 1958.

Now, after the mining was stop, they change this town to be a museum town, which means all the entire town is open to visitor, without changing any buildings inside. Some building have been renew, but not changing the building. Most of it just renew the old paint or changing the old foundation. And at 2014, this place attained museum accreditation from Museum Accreditation Program (MAP) from Museum Victoria.

Open from 10am until 4.30pm, this place only closed at Tuesday and Wednesday, and it's free, all you need to pay is if you want to buy the souvenir.

What we saw inside this museum is looks alike their real condition, in the earlier era at South Gipssland. 

First time entering this place, we will see a train that places right in front of the gate. This train now not used, and we can enter inside the carriage. You can enter their three different carriages, carriages for economy class passenger, first class passenger and also second class passenger. This carriages places right in front of their station building. 
The train station
economy class
first class
second class
first and second class train

Don't be affraid, you will find lots of public needs around. You can find them at the map that they give you before you enter. 

From their station, we moved to their Mechanic Institute building, which the building looks like been used for entertainment building. Because you can see the small theater and also old piano too. 
the mechanic institute building

Near this building we can also see the blacksmith and also the tower that they use for mining the coal. Around it there are two houses that changed to be the blacksmith museum.

Walked not too far, we also find the carpenter house too. Of course our eyes always been delighted by the beautiful trees and they also provides bench for rest.

For you who love old buildings, this place is the right place for you. You can also know what is like to live in the time before now.

There are a lots of buildings you can come and visit here. Almost all the houses and buildings here became a museum. Like Spinner Cottage that shows you their spinning products, sometimes we can also see somebody spinning inside the house, with their old machine. And also Cordial Factory and Wrench's Boot-Maker's house that show you lots of size of shoes, from the smallest until the biggest, from man and woman, children to adult. You can also come inside their National Bank,it still have it banking utensil. Kilkunda Rd State School that shows you the classroom that they used for study. Or a Court House, that show you the court place that loos like old cowboys movie.

Or you can visit their General Store, near the exit. You can buy souvenir in here. Beside souvenir, this place is one of the building that provide the first aid and public toilet. So if you have a little accident in this place, just come into the General Store.

They also allow us to ride their train. Just walk down to Bottom Bush Trainway Station and pay for AUD10, and you will able to ride around this town by this train.

This place give a chance to Australian citizen to be a volunteer. As a volunteer you can choose what kind of activities you want, you can be a front office, or an event staff, or being assistent at souvenir shop, being a guide for school event, or even a curator. All you going to do is just call them.

At school event, they will take all the student walking around this town, and show you the historical story about every places in here.They will took you travel the time, and the curator and the volunteers will happily showing the children about life before.Oh, this place is also autism friendly.

This museum also held their own festival. Like in this 2017, they have literaly festival, halloween, and carols at the creek. And at 2018,they will have GeekFest 2018, Easter hunt,etc. Beside that, they also have their monthly event. Like Craft & Farmer market every second Saturday of the month, Magic Lantern Show every last Sunday of the month, and also ghost tour every second Saturday of the month.
Beside visiting and enjoyung this museum, what else we can do? You can do a wedding and pre wedding photoshoot too. If you are an old building lover, this place is a perfect place to become your pre wedding background. Or just enjoying the ghost tour in this place. Only pay AUD25 per person, and minimum 5 person each group. They will provide you coal creek in the night. Just bring your camera and enthusiast you will go around this place starting at 8.30pm and end up at 10.30pm.If you lucky, the ghost will come to you.

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