Things You Have to Aware if You Have Multiple Entry Visitor Visa Australia

November 25, 2017


It's been more than half years I've been at Australia. What a long holiday, right. Consider it as a gift for my self that has been a hard worker for more than 10 years. And also I have a multiple entry visa to Australia for a year, so I assume I could be stay at Australia for a year. YAY!

So, when the Australian immigration granted my visa, it noted "multiple entries to and form Australia during the validity of your visa." Followed by another note that said until when will your visa valid. Which is my visa valid until April 2018. What a coincident, I could have a year holiday at Aussie, before applying another visa to get permanent there.

Because VEVO said " Period of stay: 03 months on each arrival." My boyfriend and I thought I could stay for 3 months at Aussie, then out from Aussie, then enter again, and I do that every three months. Because it said so, and when we asked the Australian Immigration about how long I should leave Aussie to be able to return, they answer is basically I should leave Aussie minimum 24 hours before return back to Australia. And our another assumption is, if we want to leave only for a day, and then return back to Aussie it will alright, because the Australian Immigration says so.

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Actually, before I got my multiple entry visa, a year ago I already back and forth to Australia. At least twice last year, and I did it every six months. Because I still have working contract in Indonesia, and I always got the single entry visa. So this is my first multiple entry visa to Australia.

From this multiple entry visa, I had been out from Australia once, in my third month in Australia. So in my sixth month, I should leave Aussie again. It doesn't matter you want to go back to your own country our travelling to other countries, beside Australia. (This is also according to the Australian forum that My boyfriend follow).

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So at my sixth month, I already prepared my ticket to Bali, and also my return ticket to Melbourne. I stayed for three days at Bali. When I leaved Australia, took my check in ticket, passed the immigration, everything is went smoothly. When in Bali, all is also smooth. At my third day at Bali, I finally back to Melbourne, used the 3pm flight. Because Bali 3 hours behind Melbourne, and the journey to Melbourne took 6 hours flight, so I arrived at Melbourne around 11pm. Tired, messy, etc, all I want was just came to the car, and sleep.

When I arrived at Immigration line, suddenly they hold my passport. OMG! What is going on, what is my fault. The woman from the immigration office suddely appear, and called me. She asked me to sit and waited for her that went back to her office. While waited for her, I had chance to send a SMS to my boyfriend, telling him that the immigration hold my passport, and I couldn't go anywhere.

The lady came back to me after ten minutes, and asked my phone too. Still confuse, tired, and sleepy (because the slipping pill effect still kick), I gave her my phone. Hey, I didn't save anything weird inside, not even Jason Momoa's six pack body ( I WISH). A couple second after I realized, why they took my phone?  OMG, I already change my number into Australian number, and there was nothing inside my phone, It's basically my boyfriend's phone that he gave me. 

Confused, tired, and half awake half sleepy, and panic, they leaved me alone at the waiting room. I confuse because no one to asked for, confused how to tell my boyfriend outside, confused what is wrong with me. I just wished that my name is not the name that has a black list at their list. But, I didn't do something bad, I just travelling.

After a couple minutes leave me alone, she came back with my phone. Nope, she's not gave my phone back yet, she just hold it, with my passport, and papers, and pen. She started to interview me. Luckily it was midnight, the airport already quite. Beside me, there was another woman too, but since she can't speak English, we couldn't asking each other what happened.

So, she started to asked me what am I doing in Australia. I said I'm on my holiday, because I used the visitor visa (for holiday), hiking, hunting waterfall, sightseeing, etc... then she cut my explanation, by asked another question, like:

Q: Are you working here"
A: No, I just holidaying, travelling
Q: You said in this immigration card, you are unemployee?
A: Yes
Q: Since you are not working, how you finance yourself?
A: My boyfriend do all my financial need

Apparently, she said what I did is wrong (!!!!) HELL NOOOOOOO!!!! I never been overstayed while in Australia, and as far as I know, I didn't do something wrong according to my visa. Of course I really shocked when she said that.
Then, she said that I should stay in Australia less than 6 months, and now because I arrived for another three months, (still what she said), automatically I am not travelling/ holidaying but I staying at Australia. Plus, since I return to Indonesia only three days.

She explained too long, which the point is, if I use the visitor visa, means I should do like any visitor do, holiday, visiting some places NOT MORE THAN TWO WEEKS, AND I COULD GO OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA MINIMUM SIX MONTHS, then I could go back to Australia. She didn't want to know when I said I had a year multiple entry visa, which I assumed, as long as I am not overstay, I could come and go to Australia whatever I want, as long as the visa still not expired.

Apparently, IT IS NOT RIGHT she said. According to them, if I do something like that, means I STAY AT AUSTRALIA, because I spent more time at Australia than in my own country. According to the again, since I just using visitor visa, and not working, automatically I don't have money TO FINANCE MY SELF AT AUSTRALIA. Even I keep saying that my boyfriend is the one who responsible for all my financial need. And she said "Hey, we don't know that he is really your boyfriend. He could be just a fraud." hmmmm... whatever, so what actually they want? Since I already at Melbourne, and it was midnight.

She continued, since the guy that I told her really my boyfriend (???) she asked me to tell him that we have to change my visa into the proper visa one. TBH, I already feel that there will be a problem about my visa since the first time I arrived here, so I keep asked my boyfriend when will he change my visa. But since he (we) had assumed that one year tourist visa mean I could stay a year, while following the three months maximum stay, so I just quit and let my boyfriend plan about my visa, which is will change it when my visitor visa will be ended soon (which at April 2018).

And, the immigration lady would never gave you chance to explain. So, since I already tired, and heavily shock, I just accepted all she said. Even I actually hate she put my name at their list.

After that, she returned my phone and passport. Since I am totally shocked, I didn't realize that I dropped my passport. I realized it when I stand at the line to go out. DARN! 
So I had to returned to the lady, and asked her about my passport. Which I remembered she gave it to me, together with my phone. Funny things was I hold my phone but not my passport. Until almost all the staff there helped me, and open my luggage. Apparently, my passport feel near the exit door. When I asked the information, she didn't know, or had my passport. Luckily one of jetstar staff knew that there was one immigration staff found my passport.

Actually, all the staff at the Tullamarine airport are so friendly. Including the woman that interrogated me. When I confused about my passport, almost the people I asked helped me to found my passport. Until that jetstar staff took me to the staff that found my passport.

The differences between Indonesian and Australian staff. If you are stay longer at Indonesia, you will found the words that will mocking your careless, but at Australia, they aren't judge you just because you dropped your passport. Like them, who just smile, and said "you could drop anything while you inside this building, we will find and keep it. But you absolutely don't want to loosing your passport. Hold it tight while you are out there."

Finally I met my boyfriend who waited for me outside, and told him everything. Which means we have to change my visa immediately, before I return back to Indonesia. Because, if I return back to Indonesia, we need at least 6 months to be able to comeback with the tourist visa, or less if we late submit our partner visa. Yes, we actually decided to have partner visa, since it will makes me stay longer and able to work at Australia. 
How difficult submitting the partner visa?

Wait for my another story about submitting the partner visa.

See Ya Latter, Alligator.

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