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November 12, 2017

Winter is passed, and the beginning of September is spring time in Australia. In our home, sun shine really bright. Actually I really want to go to alpine resort, playing with the snow. Last year all I did was grabbed the snow only, didn't feel how it feel to lay down at the snow.

So this weekend schedule is going to see snow. Even it's already spring, but in the beginning of spring we still can see snow at their mountains. But, before seeing the snow, my boyfriend took me to a small town near the resort that we want to go. The town named Marysville.


It just only took an hour to go around this city. If you planning to go to Healsville, this town is near Healsville. If you don't know what is Healsville, you can check at my blog post about Healsville HERE. So, if you planning to go to Healsville, please visit this town too, it will be worth it.

This small town was burned down at Black Saturday happened at February 2009, a huge bush fire burned down this little town. Only remain of the building was left. All of this town has been stated as a dangerous town and closed for public. When they closed it all Victoria and Federal polices started looking for dead body and the cause of the fire. This town then re-opened at March at the same year.
bushfire at marysvile.
My boyfriend returned to this town two months after the Black Saturday. He said this town was so eerie, more like a death town. All he could saw was an empty and eerie place, most like a ghost town.
An these are the photos he took when he went there two weeks after the Black Saturday (please make a good note that these pictures are came from my boyfriend personal files)
part of marysville two months after the black saturday
Source: Mas Bojo personal file
part of marysville two months after the black saturday
Source: Mas Bojo personal file
part of marysville two months after the black saturday
Source: Mas Bojo personal file
part of marysville two months after the black saturday
Source: Mas Bojo personal file
this old police office chimney was still standing after the black saturday, unfortunately we can't find it nowadays
Source: Mas Bojo personal file
the main road of marysville two months after the black saturday
Source: Mas Bojo personal file
the only building that still stand completely after the black saturday is this bakery, and it still stand until today
Source: Mas Bojo personal file
Black Saturday is a big and worst bush fire disaster that happened in Victoria, Australia around February 2009. This bush fire happened because of that time Australia have their summer time and dry big wind. This bush fire caused 12 territories burned down, two of it is the worst, Kinglake and Marysville, 173 people died (including 2 tourists from Indonesia), 414 people injured, and caused 7,562 people loosing their home.

But now, Marysville change to be a really beautiful town. Of course some of the buildings are new. because Black Saturday made this town buildings falls down, and they have to rebuild it again from the beginning. The result, now this town become really beautiful town.
This colorful bench is in front of their primary school 
First time came into this town, we welcomed by a hotel building which the architecture is sooo beautiful, and I really like it. It called Vibe Hotel. Its front exterior dominated by wood with really dark brown color, and of course this hotel is new.
Vibe Hotel at Marysville, I'm in love with its architecture
What makes this town so unique is the buildings. Even most of the buildings are new buildings, but we still can feel the classic feeling inside this town. And their park really beautiful. And it's spring when I came, so there are lots of leave becoming green, and flowers start blooming.
A tree start to bloom at spring

Bridge at Marysville Park

A beautiful corner that you can find almost in every corner of Marysville Park
We can waste our time just by admiring its park, or just stay at the park and enjoying the weather or having a BBQ. In one of the corner of this park, they have BBQ place. All you going to do just bring your favorite meat or anything you want to. Everything is set up. Beside, the park also kids friendly. They have lots of things to play with, so the kids will never bored. Or, you can go for fishing in the lake at the middle of this park. They have trouts and salmons.

Steavenson Fall

4 kilometers to the south of Marysville we can visit one of the highest waterfall in Victoria, named Steavenson Fall. Steavenson name taken from the founder of the Marysville town, John Steavenson. While Marysville it self taken from his wife name, Mary Steavenson.

This waterfall is 84 meters high, and became the favorite waterfall since 1860ish. Just need 700 meters walk from the entrance, we can enjoying this waterfall right in front of our eyes. All you need is paying the ticket for only AUD 3.
a great view welcoming us
Just need around 15-30 minutes to get to the waterfall. And the track is not that difficult, because it tend to be flat. If I compared with some waterfalls that I've been visited, some of the tracks is amazingly difficult for me. I had to walk down faaar away. Walk down is not a problem, walk up is a huge problem. In this waterfall, you can choose to not doing it. Because the main track is so easy and not too far. You are really have to walk around 15 minutes to get to the bridge.

Since this waterfall is still part of the Marysville, when the Black Saturday happened, this waterfall also one of the place that impacted. Because the way to this waterfall have lots of trees, it surely burn when Black Saturday happened.  For weeks after Marysville opened for public, but this waterfall still forbade to be visited.
this is the sign right where the steavenson fall is two weeks latter after the black saturday
Source: Mas Bojo personal file

Steavenson Fall after the black saturday

Now we can enjoy this Steavenson waterfall. You just not only enjoying the waterfall, but also the view around this waterfall. Yes, the view is really adorable. Since it still at Yarra Range, so we still can find a beautiful green trees around. Green and clean.
this is the view from the up of the hill when we want to go to the top of the waterfall
this is the view you can find when you have been walked 10 minutes to the waterfall 
this is the closest look you can find in the bottom of the waterfall
this bridge connecting two different place for seeing the waterfall, and you can also enjoying the waterfall from this bridge
everywhere you can catch the beauty of this waterfall
This waterfall also provide the hard track too. This track is provide if you want to climb to the top view of this waterfall. So we have to walk up around 84 meters. The track is really steep and since I never been moved my body that much, so I have to stopped several times, because it really made me tired.
this is the first step of the difficult track to go to the upper of the waterfall
Overall, this waterfall is so amazing. You can enjoy this waterfall from every side. Right, left, at the middle, at the top, at the bottom, near, far.
the view from the top of the waterfall
So, if you are having itinerary to Melbourne, and deciding to visit Healsville, don't forget to visit Marysville and Steavenson fall too.

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