Hello Straya: First Time Playing With Snow at Lake Mountain

November 19, 2017

Actually, after going to Marysville, we didn't go directly to Steavenson fall first, but went to Ski Resort above Marysville, named Lake Mountain. We went there because the winter pieces still there. Yes, this resort still have snow.

To get in there, we have to pay around AUD5. That price is for one car. So if you have one person or six persons inside the car, you will pay the same. To the entry gate to the resort took us around 10-15 minutes. From here the weather changed to be really cold from the breeze cold.

Arrived at the resort made me so happy. This was my first time saw lots of snows. I became really shivered when we get out from the car, even tough I wore my sweater, so yes, you need a really really thick jacket at the snow area. Since I don't have winter jacket, so I wore two jackets in one. Not until we stepped inside the resort, the rain welcomed us.

So, before I rolled at the snow, we getting wet first. Since there were no snow at the parking lot, so we have to get inside to see the snow.

We went inside the playing ground right after the rain stop. Here, before we went to the playing ground, we came at one building where we can rent all the snow things we need. From jacket until tobbogan. They rented the jacket and shoes from all sizes, from kids to adult. From Asian to westerner.
Ready to slide with my tobbogan
Maybe some of you thinking why I so excited to see snow, does Melbourne have four seasons? Yes, right, Melbourne have four seasons, just like European countries. But for winter, not all places in Melbourne have snow. Just some places with some high level can have snow, Lake Mountain is one of it. So when it winter, we can't have snow at the city. Last time snow came to the city was around 2005, and not last long.

The only thing we have at winter is hail. Several times I saw this hail. Not that bad but just a couple seconds.
Hail in the winter at Melbourne

Since this is my winter and spring time at Melbourne, so I was excited to see snow, even we have to go around and hour long (because we have to stop at Marysville first).

So, at Lake Mountain, I really want to play tobbogan. And only with AUD 12, you can rent the tobbogan board. Oh, and they need your license or another ID, plus your car number. After you return their things, you will get your license back.

For those who didn't have shoes, jacket, any other winter clothes, you can rent here. It's quit complete. This is the price if you want to rent from this place.
Since this was my first time playing tobbogan, my exciting level is up high. Oh well, since this is the first time, I can understand it.
the down end of the tobbogan slide, I have to climb up again

Playing tobbogan is fun and tiring. Because this actually sliding down at the snow hill with the board. Slidding down is fine, going up is hell. Since in Indonesia we don't have snow, and getting used with warm weather, so it is difficult to inhale a cold weather like winter weather. Sometimes I loose my breathe just for going up to the snow hill, and took a couple seconds for able to breathe. This made my chest cold and made me easily to get tired, since I have to adjust the weather. But it didn't stop me enjoying my tobbogan ride.I played it several times until I had enough.
my tobbogan ride

I had enough because I am not able to take another breathe and also climbed the snow hill is not that easy. I had to fall down several times.
tired to climbed the snow

Luckily after finished my tobbogan ride, and warmed ourselves inside the cafe, the rain came again. This time was harder than before. So we waited inside their cafe. Beside huge, their cafe also sells a winter souvenir too, from the gloves, beanie, etc.
rain start pouring down again, so we hide our selves at their cafe
This cafe also have a kids corner. So If we bring kids in this resort, we don't have to worried that our kid will get bored, because they can play inside this cafe too. Since lots of people said the food and drink price in this cafe is ridiculously expensive, better bring your own warm drink.
the cafe is really kids friendly

After the rain stopped, we started to have a snow walk. This time we walked to the south of the hill. This resort is provide some tracks for walk too. In here we can enjoy the white and green scenery around. And if you lucky, you will see the wild possum too. The most important thing is that stay at the track.

Or you can also play with the snow, making a snowman, or the other thing. Luckily when we were there, no one at our track, some of them enjoying themselves at the tobbogan ride area or going higher.
walk around the resort at their walking track
another place to play tobbogan, too bad not much snow left

This resort also have flying fox. Too bad when we were there, the flying fox ride is close. Maybe because at the end there was no more snow. Or maybe you can try the tube run with your friend. Once again I didn't play the tube run too, even that was free in that time (in the snowy season you have to pay). My boyfriend said it is not fun when there was no snow.

Even if you want to learn skiing, you can do it in here too. They have a skiing class too. Once again, maybe because the snow season is almost gone, I couldn't see any skiing class that day.
found this totoro snowman in the middle of the snow field
Maybe next time I have to come at the winter, so I can see this resort cover by snow. Overall I looove playing at the snow (and my boyfriend agree). Of course I willing to come again.

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