How to Get Indonesian Police Check (SKCK)

April 17, 2018

Do you life at Indonesia? Or want to move to Indonesia? Or like me, want to have visa, but you have been stay in Indonesia for minimum 10 years? Does all the documents that required need an Indonesian police check (SKCK)?

Worry not, especially for you who are now living outside Indonesia, or living in Indonesia but not near Jakarta. Because Indonesian police already provide way to make you all a LITTLE bit easier for getting Indonesian police check (SKCK).

They provide the website for apply the registration online. But, please remember, that this website just to get a registration number only, not the police check. Once you finish filling the form, you will get the registration number, and you will going to bring this registration number to do your police check.


The website for the SKCK is so simple and to the point. At the first page, they will tell you what you have to prepare, and what the website for.

If you are not Indonesian citizen, you have to get your fingerprint formula from the nearest police office, the sponsorship letter, passport photocopy, permit (KITAS) photocopy, report certificate (STM) photocopy, license for hiring foreigner workers from Indonesia minister of labour, photo size 4 X 6 pieces with yellow background. But, if your sponsor is your partner, you will asked for copy of your marriage certificate, and your partner ID (since in Indonesia you will have to married first to get this kind of sponsorship).

If you prepared all of that and scan them, you can go to the next step
  • Step 1
In the first page, you will fill your identity. Like your name, your reason making this SKCK, your address, etc. 
  • Step 2

Next page, you will asked for your passport, and all the documents that they need, and also your physical appearance. 
  • Step 3
Next, they will asked your family names, including father, mother, and siblings. Then your hobbies, and your school track, from primary, until your last school. (which I think it's a bit ridiculous, because when I did Federal Australian Police Check, they didn't have this kind of questions).
  • Step 4
Then, the next and last one is the page where they asked you if you have any criminal records, and how long. 
After you finish to fill all the columns that they need, then the registration number will appears, and all you need to do is just save or print it.

If you are planning to go by your self, just print it, and don't forget to bring it with you. If you plan to asked your relative/ friends to help you, just save it and asks your relative/ friends to print it, and bring it with them.

Don't forget that this registration number online only valid for a week. So if you can't register it at the time they asked you to come, you have to redo it again from the beginning, to get the new registration number.

Finger Print

Before you register for this SKCK thing, you will need to code your finger prints (rumus sidik jari). All you going to do just come at the Police Center Office at Jakarta, and go to the finger print code building (gedung rumusan sidik jari). My friend said it's right behind the main building.

My friend said it just took 10 minutes to finish it, so you don't need to wait too long.

To get this, you will need your finger prints first. Asked your regional police officer to do a finger print for you, then bring (or send it to your relative/ friends) to the finger print code building to be code. Then the result is the one that you have to bring for registering your SKCK.

SKCK Online ONLY for Registration Number

Like I said before, this website ONLY for registration only. Once we come to the police office, we will do the same like any people who are not doing it online. So what is the differences? The differences is if you do it online, you will do it faster than the one who do it offline.

My friend told me that once she came there, she have to fill the form, which actually, the form is as same as the one that I fill at online (she called me to asked some). And I think this is so weird, why they have to ask us to fill the same form offline like we fill it online, waste of everything.

You Could Asks Your Relatives/ Friends to Taking Care of It

Since I already at Australia when I did this SKCK thing, I asked my friend to help me for this. Because the condition of my Bridging Visa which not allow me to go outside Australia (or you could, but you have to lodge for another visa for it).

Send her all the documents (soft copy) and asked her to print all of them. I also asked her to bring my sign with her (I asked her to keep the soft copy at her phone, in order the officer need my sign).

And wait for a couple hours, for your friend to get, scan, and email it for you. And a couple days or weeks to get your documents sends to you (if you ask it to be send to you too).

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  1. how u do the fingerprint stuff as i have same condition, on bridging.thanks

    1. Hi Sam,

      Just make an appointment to the Australian police office. They will help you for this.



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