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L'oreal Paris Color Richè La Pallet Nude Eyeshadow [Beige] -Review-

April 14, 2018

Review time!!!

This time I will review a L'Oreal Paris Eyeshadow Palette called Color Richè La Palette Nude Eyeshadow, beige color.

Size and Packaging

I think this eyeshadow is so compact. Because it size is not really big. With the black dope color, it makes the glam feel when I saw it. If you compare to the other famous eyeshadow palette, this one smaller than that. Because it have small packaging, you could bring this palette at your bag.

The other thing from this packaging is the shape is as same as most of the palette. With 10 natural shades inside, plus mirror and the applicator stick, and all of them of course following the small packaging.


For shades range, this palette have 10 natural color, that I think all of the colors can be use for lots of occatuons. From everyday look, until glam look. According to L'Oreal, all of the colors are personally hand pick by their own makeup designer that inspired by effortless and chic makeup from Parisian woman.

One of the shape from the shades shaped with motif ini it. It so different and of course pretty. From 10 shades, they have five shimmer colors and 5 matte colors. Too bad they didn't put name on each color so I couldn't tell you which is which.

But, once again, these colors are perfect for your glam look, but also simple, or try the no makeup look. 


L'Oreal Paris? Who don't know this brand!! And of course this palette is super soft and pigmented. Once you swipe at your eyelid, you will see the result immediately. It stick perfectly at your eyelid. 
Since my skin color is warm (same like this palette color) it took me several swipes to make the colors pop up. But I think this palette is awesome.


even without eye primer, the color could stand very much long, more less 4 hours. And if you use eye primer before, it will one or two hours longer than without using eye primer.

I Think...

This eyeshadow palette is awesome. I could use it for meeting my friend for lunch or even having a romantic dinner. Plus the natural color would able to make you flawless without having too much colors in your eyes.

For you the MUA or beauty junkie. this product maybe not the choice if you want to have a character makeup, but if you want something glamorous, try this.

The wand, even it's small, but the wand helped you so much. Especially when you blend, it helped you blend perfectly.

Swatch & Result

Like I said before, the colors at this eyeshadow is pigmented. So you don't have to worry to swipe it several times, unless you have warm color skin (like mine). Maybe need two or three times. But, you don't have to do three times when you use the eyes primer, because it will help making the colors popping out.

Here is the swatch at my hands, from right to left up, then right to left down is the result of the palette colors from right to left:
i reduce the lighting in order to be clearly seen
because my skin tone is as warm as the eyeshadow

sorry for a messy eyeliner
Sh** happened tho... 
And that's the result when I applied it at my eye lid. I used eye primer before using the palette, and a little bit shock because apparently the colors really popping out. Because I didn't realize it when I did in front of the mirror.

So, actually, I would to recommend this palette especially for your everyday use. 

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