It's Not About The Simple Celebration, It's About the Meaning in It

April 09, 2018

Count down to my first year living at Australia, and also another birthday celebration for me. Yeps, my birthday is just a month before my date moved to Australia.

After moving to Australia, I absolutely can't come and gather with my friend in Indonesia anymore. Most of my time spent for completing the documents that the immigration needs for my visa, and also writing and updating my blog.

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And it's almost every new year I made a wish list, do you? Sometimes my wishes are as simple as one wish, or just another continuing wishes from last year. It feels that I am not too creative, or perhaps my wishes actually never happened. LOL.

For my 2018 wish list, I made more than one. I made five wishes, and I'm hopping it will be happen soon too.

Of course getting my visa approve and having a new job always become my priority. Since it is so difficult and wasting lots of time and money. Plus I am stressed so much about this things.

I realize so much change in one year, so much tears, so much compromises too.

Have to Let Mumun Go

I've made post about my first pet, named Mumun. She is a domestic cat that accompany me for two years long in Indonesia.

Since she had been with me for that long, my boyfriend and I planned to bring her with me too to Australia. So, I started to prepare everything for her departure, vaccinated, etc. We also contacted the pet transport that able to bring Mumun to Australia without any problem.

Our plan was taking Mumun first out from Indonesia. Because her journey will be longer than me. She planned to be quarantine several times, including when she arrived at Australia. More less took about a month.

We also opened an account at Go Fund Me to asked people help get fund for get her here.

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But, at the end, our planned to bring Mumun to Australia is not as good as the plan. I have to asked someone to taking care for her, while I move to Australia. And I promise her that while I am trying hard to get a proper visa to stay here, I will be sending her money for Mumun's needs.

But, again, since I can't work here, and always asking money for everything Mumun need, it is so difficult to keep on track every month. Sometimes I couldn't send my friend money in two months, and it actually worried me.

Because of that condition, I gave her up. I told my friend to gave her for adoptions. Since the beauty of plan is not as easy as the reality. Including to de-sex Mumun. So, rather than Mumun keep giving a birth every months and the kitten will be stray, since my friend don't want to keep the kitten, I said to my friend to gave her to someone for adoption.

Since then, I feel so guilty. And loosing her is the worsted nightmare for me. Since then I try to put having a new pet as one of my wish in this new year. Not because I would forget her, but since I couldn't do anything to bring her here.

My High School Friend is Accepted at Uni in Adelaide

My biggest ambition right now is taking my Master degree, but since it become my biggest one, it still not being come true. Especially taking Master degree at Australia is really expensive, and I can understand if my boyfriend says he couldn't afford my master degree.

We tried for scholarship too. But unfortunately, all the scholarships that offered only pay not more than half of the tuition, or when they over 100% tuition free, they will asked me to leave Australia after I finish it, and I can't return to Australia for minimum two years. It's a difficult conditions for me, especially when I planning to stay in Australia.

Then, I heard that my friends accepted at one of University at Adelaide. Jealous and sad of course. Right when I really want to get it, my friend one by one achieve their master degree easily :(

But, I keep to have positive mind. Maybe it is not the time yet, and I have to be really patient, waiting and trying. I believe as long as I still keep that in my mind, I will get there.

But, since she is my closest friend (I always visited her when I was at Indonesia, and spent days with her) it a great thing to know she will be at Australia for at least two years. So we already planned to meet each other, either at Melbourne or at Adelaide.

(Not Really) a Surprise Named Duke of Leicester

At the beginning of March, I was accompanied my boyfriend at our garage and asked him, what will he give me at my birthday. Since my birthday was at the end of March. But of course he said he didn't prepare anything yet.

But since then, he likes to gave me pictures of cat and kitten. Asked me did they cute or not, do I like it or not. My feeling said he will adopt a cat for my birthday. LOL.

Right a week before my birthday, he told me that he indeed want to adopt a cat for my birthday. But since he confuse what kind of cat I want, he decided to told me in advance. LOL.

My favorite cat is simple, I like any kind of cat. Pure breed, mix breed, angora, or domestic, I don't mind. What become my concern most is the fee that we have to pay for raising one. The purer the breed it will be more difficult and picky the way we raise it.

Actually I prefer kitten, not because kitten is cuter (because I think all cats are cute), but because it will be easier to teach the kitten the way we want them to grow. Especially I want them to be indoor cat only.
Two days before my birthday, at night someone contacted my boyfriend. This lady is one of lots of people we try to contacted about adopting one of their cat. Finally she called my boyfriend at night, and want us to take the cat at that time. It was 10pm and it took us 30 minutes to get there. But since we weren't prepare anything, it extended and we arrived there at midnight.
Because we didn't get cat carrier, she lend us hers, then we went to K-Mart to bought a basic need for our new adopted cat. Litter box, bowls, his food. And that night, we have a kitten.
We named him Duke of Leicester, because he is British Short Hair, and Leicester is my boyfriend's sure name.

Simple Lunch With Indonesian Menu & Simple Birthday Celebration

A week before my birthday, my friend told me she will be down to Melbourne from Adelaide, to visit me. She said she really misses Indonesian food so bad, even she just around two months stayed at Australia. And since I always cook Indonesian food once every week, she knew I am able to make one for her. 

Since she came at my birthday, I actually didn't feel okay with it. Because my schedule always at weekend for making Indonesian food, and she came at my birthday. But then again, it's not everyday she came to Melbourne. 

Made a simple lunch for four of us, a vegetable soup, fried tempeh and vegetable fritter. And thank God it makes her satisfied. I never prepare food for people, except my boyfriend. But since she said it's delicious I became more satisfied, LOL.

Since she came at my birthday, I asked her for birthday present too. And yeps, she gave me a bottle of red wine, because she know I love wine. She said the wine is special because it's the wine for car lover, LOL.

Lunch finished, and we spent a little time to have a relax chat before my boyfriend pull the cake. YAY!!! This was my second birthday cake. It was just a simple cheesecake, but it was strawberry cheesecake. I love it.

But since it the second birthday celebration, I still felt awkward, don't know what to do. But I am so happy since I surrounded by people that I knew and I love.

This year I am so thankful that I can celebrate birthday surrounded by people I love. It was so special for me. Not about how much the price but about the willingness and also the genuine feeling from them.

Friend that came all the way from Adelaide and brought my favorite thing, and also finally I had a cute kitten, that better than my expectation.

Now two from my five wishes this year already granted, I hope the other three will be grant soon too.

So, making me happy is as simple as that, LOL.

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