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Khiel's Midnight Recovery Concentrate -Promo-

April 03, 2018

I think I already mention that since I moved to Australia, my skin condition is change. From oily to dry. So I have to change some essential cosmetics that I already used before I moved here. Especially for moisturize my skin, I have to own a product with high moisturize now.

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The Cause of Dry Skin

Photo by Ricardo Garcia from Pexels
Beside of natural skin type, dry skin also can caused by our lifestyle and also weather. I think, our skin moist is really need to be protected. Especially for us who really active, or us who does lots of activities. What makes our skin type change to be dry?

  • Weather Change
Yes, weather change. I came from the place with lots of humidity like where I came from (Indonesia) and move to place with less humidity (like Australia). And the result, my oily skin change to be dry once I settled here. 

Since Australia have less humidity, it also caused to my skin type. Not only entire country. Working at the less humidity environment also able to make your skin dry. Working at the place with always on air conditioner, for example.
  • Age
Does it shock you that the older you are, means the natural moisturizer at our skin is getting low? It makes us looks older, and yes, that unnecessary wrinkle, ugh! 
  • Dehydrate
Hail to the mineral water! Because it helped return and keep our skin moist. If you are dehydrate, it almost sure that your skin also dry.
  • Wrong Cosmetics
Alright, who have the same experience with me? Bought the expensive cosmetics, apparently it content is not fit for dry skin, or making your skin more dry than before?

Easy example is facial foam. I used facial foam with lots of foam before ( I love bubble, LOL). Apparently, lots of foam doesn't mean have lots of moisturize too. It could make your skin dryer.

How to Treat Your Dry Skin

If you have a dry skin like me, it sometimes easy sometimes difficult to treat it. Although my skin was oily before, it doesn't mean the treatment for oily skin is same like dry skin. 
  • Drink Lots of Water
Dry skin actually need extra moist, so drink lots of water also help to moist your skin. 

Don't worry, you still able to drink coffee, but not as much as before. Coffee in the morning and afternoon, and after that, just drink lots and lots of water wherever whenever.
  • Protect Our Skin
Since skin is our first barrier from any harm from outside, it also need protection to keep it strong. So, protect it from the harmful sunlight.
  • Used Cosmetics with High Moisturizer formula 
Since dry skin need lots of moist, so you have to change your cosmetics with the one with high moisturizer formula. It help your skin moist, healthy, glowing, and bounce.

Before Sleep Treatment for Soft and Healthy Skin

Keeping your skin hydrate is also until we go to bed. Because when we sleep, our skin will regenerate and try to return its moist, so we can feel fresh when we wake up. But, if we use make up everyday, and it's heavy one, it makes our skin work harder to return to its moist, sometimes it need a little help.

I used several steps before bed to keep my skin moist.

First Step, even I am not wearing makeup, I always cleans my face with cleansing milk, or micellar water. Beside helping cleaning the cosmetics, also help cleaning all the dirt and dust at our face. Even thought we are not wearing make up in one day, it doesn't mean our face clean, because without we realizing it, sometimes we do something that makes our face dirty, like answering the phone, for example.

Second Step, rinse the face with luke warm water. It help to open the pore in your skin. 

Third Step, I don't wipe the water at my face, I then use the facial foam for cleaning the rest of the facial foam, dirt, and makeup that can't be clean with the cleansing milk. I used facial foam with the charcoal and scrub that helped exfoliate my skin.

Forth Step, After cleaning the face and wipe it dry (wipe it by tapped your face gently with a dry towel), I used KHIEL'S MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE. This product helped me moisturize my skin and also smoothed it.


Like its name, this serum worked at night, when our skin work to regenerate its natural moist. This serum also helped our skin brighter and smoother.

It worked very fast in my skin. A day after I used it for the first time, I felt my skin smoother than before.

And I just need 2-3 drops for the entire face. And tapped gently at cheek, chin, and forehead. Then massage it gently until the serum absorbed inside the skin.

Consist of 99.8% natural ingredients, and paraben* free. It consist of evening primrose oil an effective on skin barrier repair and boostingf radiance. Lavender essential oil that helps soothe inflamed or irritated skin while helping reduce skin blotchiness for a more even look. Creates a brighter and more radiant look to skin.
*) a chemical that used for preserve the cosmetics

Beside, this Khiel's Midnight Recovery Concentrate also have its signature ingredients, Squalane, is a botanical lipid that is similar in molecular structure to natural skin lipids. It has an exceptional affinity to skin, and because it's easily absorbed, Squalane helps restore skin's natural moisture balance to keep it extra soft and supple.

Other Tips Using Khiel's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

  1. For dry hand: add a few drops to your hand cream and massage palms thoroughly, rubbing into cuticles and knuckles.
  2. For dry skin on heels and elbows: mix 2-3 drops into your body cream before you apply for extra nourishment, especially during the winter months.
  3. For a spa-like bathing experience: add several drops to your bathwater and enjoy the sooting lavender scent.
  4. For relieving stress: warm 2-3 drops on fingertips and gently massage at temples, inhalling the calming scent.
  5. To soothe minor sunburn: use midnight recovery concentrate on affected areas after sun exposure every night until burn subsides

Where to Buy?

It sells at 29 countries around the world. Just click each country to find the store location at your country:

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