30 Days Blogging Challenge || Day 2: 20 Fact About Me

May 15, 2018

Day two of the challenge!

Finally I past the day 1 smoothly, and now for the day 2 challenge.

Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

It is not really difficult, but not too easy too. But I try:
  1. First child of three
  2. I have capital city Indonesian slang language, but I never stay there
  3. Have no spirit to teach my boyfriend Indonesian Language. At the end, he learned it by him self, and his first Indonesian word is "JABLAY" a.k.a bitch
  4. Hugh fan of lipstick and high heels. And I still dreaming wanting a closet full of Loubutin
  5. Still a huge fan of Stephen Gately, and still always put a birthday word for him at Social Media. 
  6. Have a father that can sing, but don't asks about my voice
  7. I am a citycar lover. 
  8. Doesn't matter if people call me chubby or chibi, but really hate people call me fat
  9. Organize freak, and become really stress if found out something unorganized
  10. Really like noodle, dougnut, and cookies and cream ice cream
  11. I like to challenge myself to eat spicy food. 
  12. A proud Aries
  13. Able to understand foreign language just by listening and learn the basic writing. For example, I love to watch any youtube video about south Korea reality show that have my favorite singer or group. And when my boyfriend and I went to Korean store, amazingly I understand what the owner said in Korean (but I still couldn't speak good Korea accent)
  14. K-Pop fans second generation (Super Junior, 2PM, BigBang, etc)
  15. Really want to go to Ireland
  16. People love to guess where I come from, but so far not one guess it right (Thailand, Chinese, Philippine). 
  17. Secretly proud of my English accent ability. Even my boyfriend said my accent is too pommy a.k.a too British
  18. Always hopping to be able study master degree
  19. Proud of my Resting Bitch Face
  20. Still love to watch ANIME

Here you go, the 20 facts about me. Do you able to write 20 facts about you?

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