A Week Before the Journey

March 01, 2009


Just about a week I will traveling around South East Asia.
Preparing? Not even yet... :(
Because it will backpacking, and I still don't know what to bring, so I become really confuse, what will I bring. I even don't have a backpack for the journey.

Visits to some places sometimes makes me have to prepare one costume that not too tidy and also nice to look. Because we will visiting an important institution, of course we can't wear t-shirt, dirty jeans, and slippers. Not to mention some medicines that i should prepare. Looks like it will take my time to think what should I bring. Just because I am too perfectionist for preparing something for my journey.

Thinking about all of that already makes me exhausting. I wonder will I be relaxing too? I also worried about my body hygiene, how about my body odor? how about the pimples that not covered by my foundation? how about my oily face? how, how, how...

When I think about it, I am so complicated person. I should preparing something to make me look awesome all day. So, if I don't have a chance to take a shower or cleaning my body? Maybe face cleanser and deodorant, and some things also need to bring.

Now, a week before the journey, and... I still not preparing anything. So unlucky, is it because of backpacking, so I am a little bit paranoid because I can't bring my complete "weapon" ? Could be. But (maybe because I graduate from Public Relations major)looks can be a good value for us. And for me... this is what I am worrying about. Couldn't be I am going to very important place and I can't look awesome. Big problem!

But I hope, a week is enough, and I can finish my packing. Because there is one thing that more crucial than that. Thesis registration before the journey. Form, ok! Thesis tittle. ok! Lecturers, ok! Proposal and abstract??? Not yet!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

My planned was this Monday the proposal should be done, and should be submit to the secretariat. But oh but... I still not fixing my thesis background, and the bibliography become another problem. I forget to noted what books that I used for it. Big big problem!!! No!!!

I am panic... 85% panic
I am not focus doing my thesis background. How could I finish it, while my bibliography still a problem. And... a paper! I also not doing one paper too! This also my second panic source. Paper with abstact theme, and I am not doing it. I am DOOMED!!

I am so panic.
It almost deadline, and I still not finishing it, and it only one more week!!!! That will be the end of my history for being such a clever girl (too proud to my self). LOL... *Cry

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