Bangkok.. here we comeee

March 25, 2009

12 Maret 2009... Hot day at Bangkok

After spending more than 12 hours at the train, we finally arrived at Bangkok. At the train station we saw lots of big King's pictures. I remember my tour guide said that Thailand's king now is not in his good wealth. Funny, because I didn't find any king's picture at Hat Yai.

Again, the king's picture also at our guest house. This guest house is full of tourists too. I could find a tourist from outside Asia too in here. Since we arrived at Bangkok, we saw lots of tourist around. Not as much as we, that have almost 40 people in one group.

I just want to have a rest at our guest house. I was so tired and sleepy. Half hour to arrived at our guest house. It was really good, because the trees around the way to the guest house made the breeze air to get rid my tiresome.

Since we are almost 40 people in one group, each room will have four people inside. That was so crazy. Because guest house's room was not that big, and we had four people to stay there. Since we just arrived there, I really want to have rest. So when the leader said to get prepare to go to the Indonesian embassy, I said no. I just want to close my eyes for a while. I didn't sleep well for two days tho.

Great nap and lunch made me had power again. I told my friend to walked around the guest house. We found lots of interesting places around. Like Thailand fortress, we also find a small temple at the middle of the city. In here we met someone that tried to speak with Thai language to me. At the end I said I can't speak Thai. He thought I am a Thai.

Went to Cho Praya river, rode a tuk tuk, is a must right. But since we didn't go with our group, some people try to scammed us. They sells the ticket with outrageous price. Of course at the end we rejected it. Too expensive!!!

Luckily we found the Thailand museum, and it's free entry. I don't know why I more interest with museum LOL. So we hopped from museum to museum. We were late when we arrived at the Thailand National Museum, so we couldn't enter inside. But since we were here, we tried to walked around this huge place. .

At night time I just found out, we will leave tomorrow morning. Whatt??? This was so insane. So that night we went to the Siam Night Bazaar to bought some gifts (again).

Since I didn't bring lots of money, so I bought a keychain, pens, t-shirt, and etc etc. Again, the seller thought I am a Thai. Some of them even didn't believe it.

When we were here, the only obstacle was language. Not much Thai people could speak English. And this was so tiring. Especially when you go with tuk tuk. Your guest house name card didn't help at all. Luckily we arrived safely at our guest house.

Arrived at guest house and still tired. And we had to check out at 9am in the morning. I really missed my bed so bad now.

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