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March 19, 2009

10 Maret 2009

After spending a night at Puduraya, Malaysia. At 8am, our bus went to the nearest train station to Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Before, there were some problem occurred between some of the friends and the tour guide. For me it just their uncomfortable feeling from them who used to have very pleasant life. Travelling in backpacker way means not all have to be as smooth as you want. At the end, along the journey they keep whining and whining and whining.

We arrived at Puduraya around 2am, and we had our dinner at that time, since we didn't have our dinner since leaving Singapore. Not much choices we had, since this was India restaurant, most of the menu is Indian food. Some of us just ordered tea, some also ordered Indian roti.

We waited the sunrise at this restaurant. Just sit and chatted to waste the time. It was the longest night I ever felt. Until 7am, I still didn't see the sunrise yet. So dark, and so quite. We tried to spent more time to had a nap or bathed at the public bathroom. We had to pay around 10 ringgits for the bath.

After bathed, we finally prepared to go to the train station. Since I can't sleep and really tired already, I became a little bit emotional. I could be angry all the time because less rest. But I tried hard not to, since I felt so guilty angry to my friend. They as same as tired as me too.

The breakfast was not as pleasant too. They said the breakfast was nasi kari with buffalo egg. Looks pleasant right, but when it served it was rice with curry soup only, plus the sunnyside egg.

We went to UKM, even thought we also get lost too. We should go to the north, but we went to south. LOL. We had to turn around again. Finally we arrived at UKM train station, which made us have to walk again to the University. Finally we had a pleasant journey when the bus from the faculty picked us, and let us had a fresh wind.

Arrived at the campus, they welcomed us, and asked us to sit at their conference room. Introducing, tea and coffee time, etc etc, then we started our discussion. They gave us some questions that we had to answer:

1.  How to get the best answer for conflict at Gaza.
2. What do you think about democracy at Myanmar.
3. Why UN is not effective to handle the nations conflict?
4. Is it fine for student to involve at politic, or giving a resolutions for the conflict?
5. What do you think about ASEAN. Is it effective, or it just as an unifies only?
6. How far mass media should be free, according this two countries?
7. Asian women position and freedom should be not limited, just like any western countries. Why?

From those seven questions, I had to answer question number six, they said because my bachelor degree was communications. Actually I would like to answer question number seven, since it became my concern since in my bachelor degree.

Beside number six and seven, I am not too understand all the questions. So I just tried to make my self not fall asleep in this discussion. I was so tired, sleepy, and hungry.

After finished the discussion, they took us for lunch. Finally proper meal. Lunch, a chit chat with all people there, and then took more and more picture.

Another problem, our transport money was gone. LOL. Since I don't want to write something bad about our journey, at the end we decided to have our own time. We decided to go to Petronas twin tower. And again, took lots and lots pictures.

After finished playing at twin tower, we bought some gift for our family at Indonesia. This was kind of culture, that wherever you go, you have to buy them gift. HAVE TO. And having a dinner too, another proper meal. Because we had our dinner at the restaurant at China town there. Luckily each of us only spent 3 ringgits for our meal.

Came back to our place, time already at 7pm. We then prepared again to go to Hat Yai at 10pm. It was the border city  between Malaysia and Thailand. What will we have at Thailand? Can't wait to arrive there.

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