Singapore, land for transit only

March 19, 2009

9 Maret 2007

Journey to Bangkokbegan.
After preparing, and borrowing my brother backpack, with pray from parents, and some dollars, I went to Adi Sutjipto Airport. From there my friend and I then fly to Hang Nadim Airport, Batam, and cross to Singapore by boat. First time cruising by boat, and first time going aboard.

Before went to Singapore at 1pm, we who arrived at 11am at Batam felt so hungry. Batam way fried rice with egg, because the taste so un-describable. My fried rice is better. For information, i can cook, just not hobby staying a long time at kitchen.

It so existing. Maybe for some of us, this is our first time to go aboard, even it just at ASIAN countries. But still, we finally have passport, LOL. Inside the boat everyone's face is really fresh, and we always joked around too. Lucky me, I sat near the Kawaii Japanese boy.

Arrived at Singapore, and passed the immigration, we used MRT that used by almost all Singaporian. I was amazed with their public transport. We stopped at the station which near the very unique building. This building shaped like durian fruit. It call the concert hall. This beautiful building also have some statues that made from iron and shaped like musicians. Their parks also really clean, no wonder, because they have so many rules; you can't eat; you can't littering; you can't eating bubble gum; etc. After finished taking a lots of pictures, we moved to the Merlion Park. Here where all tourist have to go in Singapore. From concert hall building to Merlion Park, we just have to walked a couple minutes. Luckily the weather was not hot that day.

Our journey to Merlion Park was so exiting. We were accompanied by the beautiful sight from Singapore. Their river also really clean. The only trash is came from the tree around the river.

Arrived at Merlion Park, we were a little bit disappointed, because the Merlion it self covered, they said they need to restore the Merlion. But, since we already there, we didn't waste our chance to took a lots of pictures. We also able to took a picture with the mini Merlion. Since I didn't bring lots of money, and no Singapore dollar in my wallet, even I really want to, I can't have a drink at the starbucks near the Merlion Park. *sad.

That afternoon, not much tourist came to the Merlion Park. Beside it was rain, and also the Merlion it self had been restored. Some of the tourist just wasting their afternoon there, have a rest, took a picture, or just sipping their coffee.

We knew our time in Singapore is up when we walked to the MRT station again. From there we will going to Malaysia.

So my Singapore journey was just visited Merlion Park. But, the story is not ended in here. Let me tell you about Singapore people (from Indonesian point of view), they are like robot, work at morning come home at night, flat face expression, they always bring laptop, or documents, phone too. They also not really care to each other.

When you went to their main road, not much vehicles around. You can count a personal car, and it just only a public buses too. You will not always seeing a group of people walking around.

The city is so neat and clean. If you want to see a lots of people, just go to their MRT station. Because the MRT is the most popular public transport there.

Tomorrow we will be at Kuala Lumpur. What will I do at Kuala Lumpur? Wait and see..

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