Indonesian Siomay Recipe

July 17, 2018

Back in Indonesia, it was so easy to find this food. It consider at street food back there. I could understand it since Indonesian people put rice as their main dish, so everything without rice is just a side dish, or snacks. Including this siomay.

Of course the serve is not as full one plate. Somehow everything in Indonesia is much smaller than in Australia.

Anyway, I really love to eat this siomay. Maybe because it have fish in it, and it just something different. It is indeed a street food in Indonesia, but surprisingly, it also healthy (if it really places in very clean place).

Then, I made a poll about what Indonesian food that I should make in the Sunday (since I always cook Indonesian food every Sunday), and the result is siomay, so I am happy. Since this also my first time cooking this dish.

I could tell you, it so easy to make. And you don't need lots of ingredients too.

The only problem is that I couldn't afford the mackerel here, so I change it to be a canned mackerel in olive oil. Just throw away the oil. And I guess it work.

Here is the way of making Siomay:

And these are the ingredients that you have to prepare:

My boyfriend said it taste like gado-gado, his favorite Indonesian food, above all Indonesian food I made for him.

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He likes it because it is not much flavors in it. The real taste of the potatoes, cabbage, and tofu are still there, and also the fish taste good.

And he likes it because I just steam all of the ingredients. Talking about healthy food.

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  1. Halo mba, makasih sudah berkunjung ke blog saya ya. Mba niat banget nulis blog dengan dua versi bahasa dan saya putuskan follow blog yang ini biar sekalian saya belajar.

    Siomaynya kelihatan enak, kalau lagi jauh dari Indonesia justru makanan yang biasanya kita temui di pinggir jalan disana terasa wah sekali ya.

    Salam kenal dari Jambi :D

    1. Hi Mbak. Sebenernya blog berbahasa Inggris ini juga ajang melatih bahasa Inggris ku kok Mbak. Selain karena lingkungan semua bahasanya bahasa Inggris, Hehehehe. Juga memudahkan orang2 di sini untuk membaca blog aku.

      namanya jauh dari Indonesia kan ya mbak. Kalau kepingin sesuatu (apalagi makanan) paling gampang memang buat sendiri Mbak. Hehehe.

      Terima kasih ya sudah follow blog aku :) Salam kenal


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