Recipe: Gudeg Jogja

July 30, 2018


Have you ever been to this city? If you have, you will feel everything in this city is so iconic. And all of the place you've been in this city, always leave a story. Starting from something traditional until something so instagramable.

I've been lived for ten years in this city, and it leave me lots of memories. From the struggle to get the university degree until love. LOL.

Last time I went to Jogja I found it change a lots. Back when I still lived there, you could ride a scooter in the middle of the night, and you felt save. Lots of cafes and restaurants from the traditional, national until international.

Even physically I moved from Jogja since six years ago, but still I didn't want to change my ID. 

Talking about iconic Jogja, Jogja also have their iconic culinary. Of course Gudeg is one of the most famous Jogja iconic food.

This time, I will make this iconic food from the ingredients that I've found in Melbourne.

A little bit tense too, because cooking gudeg means you have to spent lots of times, and in one point I thought I failed.

Fresh young jack fruit is something that not easy to find here, so I changed it to canned young jack fruit. This things can be found in most of Asian store around. 

Also, if you want to cook it with slow cooker, it is the best thing, but you have to spend all day for it. I used the slow cooker for the first time, but then I changed it to cooked it at the stove because I run out of time. 

Gudeg is not spicy, but really sweet. If you are not a fan of sweet food, you could add another meal like "chicken opor" for the balancing between sweet and salty. 

I served this gudeg with the pindang egg and chicken opor. 

Anyway, since this is my creation, I add tofu and tempe in it. But if you don't like, you could just use the young jackfruit in it.

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