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YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils

July 20, 2018

I get this sample product for YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara for me to try.

Who is not in love with this YSL. And this mascara? I will tell you why this product is the only mascara product that I wear, after so many years I am refused using mascara.


TBH, at the first time, I actually not having a high expectation for this mascara. Because, every mascara I have is always ruin my makeup and even my mood. LOL.

So, when the first time I opened this mascara, I am a little bit afraid that the liquid will be mess. It will stick everywhere. In my palm, in my makeup table, in my soul, LOL.

without mascara

with mascara
But for sure, it is NOT. It just stick at my eyelashes. Then again, DUH it's YSL, what do you think this is? It's not like your cheap mascara anyway. Yeah, I could be cheap too. 

One stroked at my eyelashes and I already amaze with it. It immediately curl my eyelashes and it look thicker (talking about someone who don't have thick eyelashes). I love it.

I love when I stroke it, it really shape my eyelashes. Make it beautiful and great. 

Oh well, I couldn't say anything more than I LOVE THIS MASCARA. 


I have three hour to try this mascara. It was in the evening and rain. So expect no sweat but rain water. 

Anyway. My reason why I don't want to wear mascara is because sometimes I feel itchy in my eyes, and without realizing it, I tried to scratch my eyes. Yes scratch. DON'T EVER FOLLOW THIS HABIT! 

Of course you will know what the result is. It ruined my eye makeup.

before three hours
But not with this mascara. Since it not making my eyes itchy, so I have no reason to scratch my eye. PLUS for this lovely mascara. 

after three hours
Only, after three hours, I had this smudge under my eyes. Since I used the mascara at the lower eye lashes too. I thought it came from the mascara, or probably the eye liner. I am not sure. 

Plus, since I wear a eyeglass, I am not worry again that the long lashes will leave a mark at my glasses, because it's not. 

But overall, this mascara is bomb! I love it. And it makes me want to wear mascara again. But, only with this mascara. 

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