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July 31, 2018

Since I started my blog and shared my experienced applied Australian Partner Visa, I admit lots of people from my country started to asked me through comment section at the posts, or even try to message me trough my email or any kind of social media I have.

I don't mind actually, I am so happy to help them. Because I know how it feel when you are know nothing and don't have anyone to asked.

I made this post in order to tell some people about some questions that always appear when those people asked me about applying this visa. In order to make it clear, and I am not going to answer it again and again, these are some questions that they always asked me,

Q : Where did you apply your visa? 
A: At Australia, means everything I've done I did it at Australia, including translating the documents.

Q: How if I apply at my own country, not at Australia?
A: Yes you can, but to be honest, I don't know how to do it. Because I applied it at Australia, and I just applied once.

Q: What kind of visa you used when you enter Australia before the partner visa?
A: Visitor visa, multiple entry.

Q: You could stay as long as you can with this multiple entry visitor visa, right?
A: No, Australian immigration give you three months stay for each visit.

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Q: Where did you translate your documents?
A: Since I applied my visa onshore (in Australia) so all of my non English language documents been translated at Australia.

Q: Can I use my own translator / can I translate it by my self / can I asked my friend to translate it / can I asked my English teacher to translate it... and so on?
A: No, you can't use any translator you want. You have to use the sworn and creditable translator that pointed by Australian immigration. You can use NAATI people if you apply at Australia, or if you apply in your own country, go ask Australian embassy for this translator.

Q: Why you are not apply your visa in Indonesia?
A: Because I already at Australia when I apply my partner visa.

Q: Can I apply partner visa while I never meet my partner yet?
A: Do you really? How could you never meet your partner but you decided to apply partner visa?

Q: Can I apply when our relations is still not 12 months yet?
A: You can't. Minimum you have 12 months relations first.

Q: But we are in serious relations
A: Get to know your partner first. Meet each other, getting know each other, visit each other countries, follow every social events together, meet each other families and friend too. If you are serious this kind of thing is a must right?

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Q: What kind of documents that need to be translate?
A: All of the documents with no English language that required by Australian immigration. (Go check their website to know what kind of documents they need).

Q: How much pictures we have to give them as a prove of our relationship?
A: As much as you can.

Q: My partner doesn't like to take a pictures.
A: Then how to prove that you are a partner?

Q: Beside pictures, what else we could show them as a prove?
A: Chat log, skype log, telephone log, money transfer, booking hotel, restaurant receipts, shopping receipts, plane tickets, events tickets, anything that prove you and your partner are doing social event toegther.

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Q: My partner have children from the past relations, should we put the children name at the form?
A: Yes, all of the name from family in bound have to be state. Parents, siblings, and even children. Then if you have a relations before, you and your partner have to state the ex partners name.

Q: But my partner never been married before.
A: You still have to put the children name, and the ex partner name. Plus you have to tell them the date when the relations begin and end. If you or your partner have been married before, the date is the marital date and divorce date, plus a divorce letter.

Q: Should we know our partner families and friends? 
A: At least you have to know two people from your partner side as the witnesses.

Q: Why we need a witnesses?
A: Because the immigration need at least two witnesses from Australia side to make statements that they know you both, and your relation is genuine.

Q: Our relations is not until 12 months, but how if we married at my country first then apply for partner visa at Australia?
A: You could try. But no matter what kind of visa you apply (either marriage or de facto) they have the same requirements, plus if you are married before you apply partner visa, you should gave them the married certificate too.

Q: I want to apply onshore too, what kind of documents that I have to bring from my country?
A: Bring all the documents that the immigration need. You could scan and save all of them.

Q: Is it alright if I do my police check in Australia?
A: They require police check from your country. Ask your country is it alright you can do it in Australia, or do it online while you are at Australia, or you have to go back to your country.

Q: I have been stayed at another countries beside my country for more than 10 years, and why they need the police check from those countries too?
A: It's a part of the requirement. You will be ask for police check from each countries you have been living for, for at least 10 years.

Q: Why they need me to do Australian police check too? I am not staying in Australia for 12 months when we decide to apply for partner visa/
A: If they ask you to do Australian police check, means you have been at Australia for at least 12 months. Started from the very first day you visited Australia, no matter what the visa you have that time.

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Q: How I apply my visa?
A: You have to make immiaccount first, then choose what kind of visa you will apply, then answer all of the online questions there. Then submit it. That is the first step.

Q: And the second one?
A: They will give you time to collect the required documents, then you upload it at your immiaccount. Then wait.

Q: Should I do the Medical check?
A: Yes you should

Q: Can I do medical check before applying my visa?
A: I suggest to do it after you submit the online form.

Q: Can I do my own medical check, at any hospital?
A: No you can't. You have to do your medical check at the place where the Australian immigration tell you.

Q: I'm doing my medical check every year, can I use that result for my medical check proove?
A: No, you have to do the medical check according to the immigration.

Q: How long that I have to wait to get my TR/PR?
A: Vary, and all depend on the immigration. Some just have to wait for two weeks, some need to wait for two years. Maximum is two years.

Q: How is my status when I finished apply my visa?
A: You will get bridging visa while waiting for your TR/PR

Q: When and how long I get this bridging visa?
A: They will immediately give you the bridging visa once you finish the online form and submit it. And this bridging visa will last until you get your TR/PR.

Q: What can I do with this bridging visa?
A: You could stay in Australia without limit, you can apply for job, you could go for study without government help, and you could make your medicare, bank account and tax number.

There you go. Some of the questions from people that asked me about Australian partner visa. If you think you have questions and it is not stated above, feel free to contact me, I will try to help you as much as I can.

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