Re-Cook : Tasty's Homemade Chicken Shawarma

July 28, 2018

Hi all,

I admit recently I am posting more about culinary rather than anything else. I'm sorry, I just a littl ebit lost nowadays. But, I think it will be fine is it? I could share something that you could try by your self.

Anyway, I think almost all of you have facebook account right? If yes, you probably know well Tasty, the food page that sometimes I saw it all around my facebook page. Because lots of people love to share it. Anyway did you share and try it too?

I am interest of one of their video. The tittle is Homemade Chicken Shawarma with Ben Stiller and Ahmed Badr.

The shawarma makes me remember The Avenger Movie, LOL. And for you whom never watch it, this is the video

So I told my boyfriend, how about trying to recook this recipe. Of course he agree. LOL.

We follow all of the ingredients that they show us. Nothing less or more. 

But we change the chicken thigh to be chicken breast. No specific reason, we just love more meat LOL. Because we change the chicken thigh with the chicken breast, the grilling time is change, not 15-18 minutes, but around 20-25 minutes.

Best time for marinate it is all night long. It will makes all the spices perfectly blend with the meat. And for you who doesn't really like lots of spices taste, I suggest not to put the rest of the spices at your chicken when you grill it.

For the bread, we use tortilla bread. The video didn't tell what kind of bread, but once I googled it, it said shawarma bread is tortilla bread. So we use tortilla bread (you could make it too if you want).

The sauce is indeed fresh and have that lemony taste. But it still have the middle east taste.

When everything is ready, start wrap the chicken. I add more salad into it. You could add pickles too. Enjoy :)

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