Making Rendang with My Mother Recipe

July 23, 2018

My mother always says that she can't cook. But surprisingly for someone who can't cook, she can make something that I think it is delicious. This rendang is one of it. 

Too bad, back in Indonesia, this food is one of the food that she's not keen to make every week or every day. Too much spices, she said.

So, after move to Melbourne, of course this meal is one of the Indonesian meal that I really miss to taste. 

For this most delicious food in the world, I tried to find a restaurant that serve this food. Yes, I couldn't find it yet, but someday I will. I already find the restaurant name, just waiting the time to go there. 

I also bought the ready spices, but it can't fit my mother's. So I decided to asked my mother her recipe. Of course with some of adjustment here and there.

For example, I decided to buy a bottled lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves because the lemongrass is way much cheaper if I bought bottled, and I couldn't find the fresh kaffir lime leaves. 

Talking about fresh leave, I also couldn't find the fresh bay leaves, so I bought a pack of dried one. 

The shallots. Indonesian shallot is smaller than in Melbourne. So I have to estimate how much Melbourne shallot for this recipe. Because my mother's recipe is with Indonesian view. 

So, here are the recipes:

And this is how to make it:

So, anybody wants to try to make it?

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