30 Days Blogging Challenge || Day 24: What Attract Me

June 06, 2018

The theme is what attracts me from love. Alright, since I have a partner, I will tell you what makes me attracted for him.

Beside take me as I am , and working hard to make me move from Indonesia to Australia, these are some things that attract me.
  • Physical Appearance 
I actually don't have 100% physical appearance like Chris Hemsworth criteria. I think as long as he have neat appearance it is good. Beard? I think with or without beard my partner is attractive. LOL.
  • Supporting
He also the only person that support my ambition (beside my dad). Even my own brother doesn't like my decision to move to Australia, he blame it for every reason. 
  • Patient
He is patient enough for me. If he saw me in the bad mood, he will wait until I have a stable mood. And if we are in the same bad emotion, he able to stay calm, and makes me calm. Even though when he is at the bad mood, and have lots of swearing, I just keep quite and it will makes him awkward, and try to make everything is back to normal.

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