30 Days Blogging Callenge || Day 4: My Dream Job

May 17, 2018

day four of 30 days blogging challenge. And this time I post about my dream job. Of course it will be as same as other people, have a job that really I like and earn lots of money. LOL.

At first I really want to worked at international corporation. The reason is because I want to have different culture and people around me. Meeting some people from different countries, learn their languages and cultures, etc.

Then, I change my dream to work at home. As long as the money not stop, LOL. Now I add that I want to work from my hobby.

The next question is, what is your hobby actually? LOL...

If I break it down, i really like travelling, sleeping, make up, shopping, reading, blogging.

But, since I moved to Melbourne, it is a little bit difficult to follow hobby that can be job too. But there is one hobby that grew after I moved to Melbourne, BLOGGING.

Do I want my blogging hobby to be my job? Of course!!! But it seems lots of homework to finish first.

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