30 Days Blogging Challenge || Day 9: What's In My Bag

May 22, 2018

Day nine of 30 days blogging challenge. For day nine post, the theme is "what's in my bag" so, here we go.
This is my bag, and I owned it for long time. I bought it back when I still at Indonesia, and bought it online. Back when I still in Indonesia and earn money, I always have a budget to buy online. Not much budget, but every month I always bought something, online.

Because I worked at the remote area which is not much things sell there, so online is the only way to shopped something good.

Since I didn't put so much budget every month for online shopping, my bag price's also not that expensive. But surprisingly, it already with me for a long time. And I love this bag, because it just fit my petite body and have its cute teddy bear keychain.

Actually, I'm not a person that really like to bring bag everywhere. Since I have a petite body, bringing "normal size" bag is a pain for me. But, since I have to bring lots of things with me everywhere, I could say, lucky I have this bag.

It's about more less four years I have this bag, and surprisingly (again), not much "treasure" inside this bag. LOL.

I just only brought some very important things inside it. I try to squeeze the things that I bought inside my bag. 
  • Passport

This picture is my passport cover (with passport inside it of course). I always bring it everywhere as my ID. Back in Indonesia, I have national ID that fit in my wallet, and I should bring it everywhere with me. But since I move to Australia, and still with temporary visa (no card) I feel I should bring my passport wherever I go.

I put a cover in it, just because I don't want my passport get dirty or anything. It once almost gone, so yeah, I don't want it happen again.
  • Wallet & purse

I have coin purse and wallet inside my bag.

My coin purse is gift from my manager when he came back from Japan. Well, actually, I asked him to bring me something from there. I like this purse, because it thick, and have a pastel pink colour. Before I move to Australia, I didn't took it off from its box. I just put it at my working cubicle.

But since I move here, and I couldn't bring my piggy bank with me, so I moved all the coins inside my piggy bank to this purse. And again, since I move to Australia I am not need Indonesian money, I exchange it with Australian coins.
This is my wallet. Not much money inside it. And I also use it for the first time when I am already move to Australia. At first it had its own chain, but it gone, I assume it dropped at the car when I move to Australia.

Like any other things I have, this wallet have no expensive brand. I bought it because I think this wallet is pretty. And of course the color is pink pastel. The reason why I didn't use it back at Indonesia, is the same like the purse, I don't want it to get dirty. Luckily, since I used it now, it is not dirty (yet).

Inside the wallet, mostly important paper and cards. Like my tax number, letter from the bank, my eftpos, medicare, flybuys, some Indonesian's cards like Indonesian tax number card, and my driving license, and I still keep my Indonesian banking card (even have zero credit in it).

And since this card have no place for coin, that is why I use the purse for the coin. Since not much thing to do with the coin, so the purse is seldom come out from the bag.
  • Mirror & compact powder
Right picture is mirror from Korea, and yes, it also gift from my manager when he back from Korea ( I think, I couldn't remember it). It is two sides mirror. So far this mirror is so useful, not only for me, but also for my boyfriend too. 

You know, as a woman I sometimes need to see that my makeup still on point or not. That is why this mirror is always helpful.

As for my boyfriend, this mirror help him to see something far inside the car engine. Or anything that he need to see from the convex side.

And the compact powder, actually I bring it everywhere for touch up. A little tap in my face to keep the face oil free. But since I seldom have oily face at Melbourne, this powder also seldom come out from the bag.
  • Eyeshadow & eyeshadow wand

Actually, I brought it because one day long time ago I need to do my eyeshadow at the car on our way to one event. But after that, I never use it anymore, but forget to pull it out from the bag.
  • Lipsticks

These are the things that I always, always, use it. Yes lipsticks. Why lots of lipsticks at my bag? LOL. I even don't know either. Of course all of them have its own theme, like if I want my lip have the similar pout like Kyle Jenner, I use the lip liner and the lip cream (the lipcream is the birthday gift from my friend, and it's Indonesian brand, and it's suppppper beautiful). Or you want to do a Korean look style, or just want to make it simple. All have its own function.

But still why lots of it. Well, sometimes I need to touch up, or change it. Yes, it happened to me all the time. 

The color actually is the same, PINK. But you know not all pink colour lipsticks are have the same pink, right.
  • Menstrual pad
Since my menstrual period is not always on schedule, so I always worried that one day when I come out, it also out. So this pad is always at my bag. For safety matter of course. 
  • Mobile Phone
LOL. Of course this thing always inside my bag.

  • Note book & pen
I still like to write something at the note book rather than type it at my phone, that is why I still bring the note book inside my bag. And trust me, you will need pen.

There you go. The things inside my bag. And yes, they are all always there. Except for the mobile phone, because sometimes I pull it out for getting away from the awkward conversation, or get rid the boredom, or just doing some instagram stories, LOL.

Oh yes I still use my mobile phone too for taking picture for my blog.

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