30 Days Blogging Challenge || Day 1: About My Blog's Name

May 14, 2018


From this post to the next 30 days, I will make this challenge, called 30 days blogging challenge. You will find lots of kind of this challenge at pinterest, and I took one of them to do it.

This is only one from lots of blogging challenge there. And for the next 30 days I will make blog post contagious and following each day challenges.

Day1: About Blog's Name

For the day 1, I will write the post about the origin of m blog name. Yes, Miss Across the Sea. Why I named this blog Miss Across the Sea? Basically I'm kind of person that doesn't really like putting my name everywhere, including making it as my blog name. Plus, my complete name is so long and hard to spell and write. 

Since I don't like people making mistake writing my name, so I think blog with not my name will be easy.

Some people quite confidence with their first name and their family name. Not me. I don't really confident put two names in my blog too. And especially I'm afraid they will type it wrong. 

I change my blog name several times. Just because before I am not really serious taking care of my blog. Until I have a thought to be more serious at my blog. And yes, the time when I think I have to be serious at my blog is when I think I need to share my journey story.

Miss Across the Sea

The name actually just suddenly appear. First appear when the first time I wrote about my story migrate to another country. Because of that I made my blog name to be Miss Across the Sea. Because I move to across the sea.

And it also because I planned to write about everything new and exiting at my new place. Of course by my point of view as a stranger that want to fit in.

Diary of Indonesian Woman at Melbourne

The sub title actually appear a couple month after I move to Melbourne. The reason is because I don't like to put lots of about me at the profile. The subtitle actually point at my nationality and where I am now.

My reason is so people not get lost who is Miss Across the sea, and where is she. And also what the blog is about. It's like a journey and also lots of stories about new experiences at Melbourne of course.

From a simple introvert and (people say) rebellious Indonesian girl that move to really different country like Australia, and all the journey and life in it. That's what I want to tell everybody.

How about you? What is your blog name's meaning?

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