30 Days Blogging Challenge || Day 13: What's inside My Fridge

May 26, 2018

Day 13, and for the theme is what inside my fridge.

Our home have one big fridge. And nowadays it is not really much inside it. Because we spent lots of money for my visa, so we are really really tight at budget now. But, there are some things that always inside the fridge.

Say cheese, eggs, and butter. Those things are the must have things in the fridge. Because my boyfriend likes cheese so much, and the he sometimes bring toast for his lunch at work.

Tips, we bought a supermarket brand for cheese and also butter. It is cheaper tho.

Sometimes there is small container of sambal, just because sometimes we found the habanero chili is at sale, and I love spicy food. So I made Indonesian sambal from the bird eye chili and habanero.
We always have soda drink too at our fridge. But, to be still on budget, we use the supermarket brand soda. Everytime we bought the soda, we always bought three bottles, so it always a great deal when you can buy soda drink in cheapest price. Only ¢75 per bottle.

Have you read about me in this blog? If you have you must know that we have two different milks at our fridge too. The lactose free one is for me, because I have lactose intolerance. And it really help me tho. I don't drink milk actually, the milk is for tea or coffee, or making something that need milk in it. 

Slowly but sure, we also try to have a healthy life. That is why we now always have a bottle of juice at our fridge too.

Buying vegetables is a little bit risky. Sometimes if we bought fresh, we keep it for a long time at our fridge, forget about it, and ended up at bin. So the best thing to do is bought the ready to use one. Like the picture below. 
This also help, because I mostly use it at the weekend for making my Indonesian food. So it can keep a little bit longer at our fridge. 

We also have lots and lots of bottles of anything. Starts from minced garlic (because my skin have allergic with garlic and its friend), pickles (any kind of pickles we want to have at that time), strawberry jam, mustard, sauces, and some Asian spices that can't be find fresh here.x


We depend our vegetables supply with the frozen veggie, LOL. That is why we always have two packs at least at our freezer. Beside it long lasting it also cheaper. 

We also have bread at our freezer. My boyfriend said that the toast will be last longer if we keep it at freezer. 

And the other that always at freezer are ice cream and lots of meat. LOL.

I have to admit that we are more likely to have frozen food than not. The reason it because the frozen food will last longer. 

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