Sunbites Snacks, a Must Try Snack When You Visit Australia

May 09, 2018

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I love to snacking, especially when I went to new places. I always craving for snacks. I remember when I went to Bangkok, I ate the noodle that sells at the food vendor near the train station. It was delicious, even thought not much topping (just five shredded chicken and a pinch of bean sprout).

My friend then joked that it was delicious because it mix with the dust near the road and also the seller sweat. LOL.

It makes no different when I moved to Melbourne. Almost all the time my boyfriend and I went out for travelling, I always being curious about Melbourne snacks. And, it become no problem since my boyfriend also love to eat.

So it is not a shocking truth that I gain 15 kilos since a year ago. Bye bye flat belly and all the SMALL size dresses I had.

Weekly Shopping Including Snack

In our weekly shopping, we always put snacks in our list. Either it is snacks, candy, chips, or three of that snack kinds.

For me, it so exciting, because back in Indonesia, snack that I've tasted mostly produce by American company. So when we arrived at the snack isle, I sometimes wanting all the products in that isle.

Sunbites Snacks

Produced by SMITH that actually part of PepsiCO. In Indonesia it is so common to see American snacks like Lays. In Australia, you could find Smith's, which somehow they are different but same.

At the beginning, SMITH is an English corporate, and of course it's expanded to Australia. At the end, this corporate sold to PepsiCo.

With line "Snack you can feel good about." Sunbites overs you a various snacks that based from grain and it is delicious.
  • Sunbites GrainWaves
Introduced in Australia for the first time at 2009, and didn't took a long time for this snack become one of Australian favourite.

"This is delicious, I really love it." Said my boyfriend when he offered me this snack for the first time,

So, that was the first time I tried this Grainwaves. 

Because its name is GrainWaves, so the chips itself look like wave. And, since it made from grain, you could taste the grain flavor in every bites of its thick chips.

Since it made from the real waves, it 30% less fat than other snacks that made from potato.
variety of subites grain waves
If you asked me what is my favorite flavor, I would says sour cream and chives & sweet chili. But if you ask me to choose between those two, I would choose sour cream and chives.

I think the taste is so unique, and even thought it dominate with grain flavor, but the other taste is not drawn in it. it mix well.
  • Sunbites GrainWaves New Variant
At the beginning, GrainWaves only have three variants, but lately they introduced us three new variants. They called it GrainWaves Plus. Plus because they add three more new variants: Sweet Potato with Cream Cheese & Herp, Beetroot with Sweet Chili Jam and Sweet Potato with Honey & Rosemary.

Like the original variants, this new three variants also made from high quality grain and plus the new taste.

I tried the Sweet Potato with Cream Cheese & Herb. But to be honest, this taste is not as good as the original one. More to weird, to be exact. Because I think the taste is really mix and clash one to each other.  
  • Sunbites Snack Crackers
Another variant from this Sunbites is Snack Crackers. What is the differences? This snack shapes is not waves. Just a normal rectangle chips.

They also add two more ingredients quinoa and chickpea. From those two variants, they have four flavour Caramelised onion & balsamic and Cheddar & Chives for Quinoa base ingredient, Lemon & Exotic Spice  and Smoke Paprika for chickpea base ingredients.

And I tried the Lemon & Exotic Spice, Smoke Paprika  and Caramelised Onion & Balsamic.

From those three I didn't have any favorite. Maybe because it really new in my tongue, so it taste just weird. But if I have to choose, I would say the Smoke Paprika is the best of those three.  
  • Try With Dip
If you like, you could try with any dips you like. Or if you don't have any, you could make it by yourself with salad dressing like thousand island for example.

Overall this snacks actually good. Especially because it made by grain. So it is like a brand new taste in snacks world. When you only have potato or sweet potato as the base, now you can also have grain in it.

Plus the chip is very thick, so it is not just only taste so light in your mouth.

If you are going to Australia I really suggest you to try this snack. Try the original one. It only cost AU$4 per 210gr pack. You will satisfied.

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