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May 05, 2018


At April 25, Australian commemorate their Army in ANZAC day. ANZAC (Australia & New Zealand Army Corps) is annual commemorate day that not only people in Australia, but also Australian in some countries also commemorate it. 

ANZAC Day = National Holiday

Came from the country that have lots of red date in their calendar every year, making me really exited when I found out about Australian national holiday, like ANZAC day.

Since it is a national holiday, almost all public services close that day. States in Australia have their own rules for public services at ANZAC day. But in Victoria, some places like bank will close the entire day, some store also. Some cafes open at 10am, but most of supermarket open at 1pm.

What is ANZAC day

  • ANZAC DAY the History
Why Australian choose 25 April for remembering their Army? It came from the first Australian Army that sent at World War I. At that time, Australia just has been the Federal Nation for only 13 years, and automatically the army placed at Commonwealth part.

The army sent to Gallipoli bay (now Turkey), where at that time more thatn 8.000 armies fall. For Australian, this is making a huge impact for them. That is why, they put 25 of April as the day for remembering their army.

ANZAC day commemorate the first time at 1916. Australian and New Zealand's army did a long parade at London, Australia. And at ANZAC camp at Turkey, they also had a sport game.

At 1920, ANZAC day then become recognized as the Australian national day. Plus, at that time, more than 60.000 army fall at war.
  • ANZAC Day Now
Because ANZAC day is the day to commemorate Australian and New Zealand's army, nowadays it's not just for remembering the army at World War I and II, but also all the Australian and New Zealand's army that fall in every part where they served.

Every time it commemorated, we could see the parade all around cities and suburb in Australia. Veterans, children, Scouts, and lots of group also take their part in this parade. Then they will held a ceremony for them, ended up by putting the wreaths at the army tombs or monuments.

Like at my suburb, Cranbourne, where you could see the monuments to remembering these army. It written to remembering all the Australian armies that fall at World War, Vietnam, Malaya, Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Poppy
one of the poppies wrath

You will see poppies in Australian Remembrance Day and also ANZAC day. This flower have its own meaning for them. They said poppies start to grow at the battle field, and the red color is the symbol of the blood that spills at the battlefield.
  • ANZAC Day at Turkey
Since Gallipoli is the historical place for Australian and New Zealand's army, so every ANZAC day, this place always be the place where Australian at Turkey commemorate it. At 1985, Turkey government named Gallipoli bay to be ANZAC Cove to respect the Australian and New Zealand's army.

ANZAC Day at Cranbourne

More less same like other commemoration in lots of places of this country. They started with parade and ended up with ceremony.
  • Parade
The parade in my suburb is so simple. Not much a like at Indonesia, which every parade is always full of decorations and lots of people participated with their Indonesian traditional costumes, or services costumes. In Crambourne, the parade was so short (which is good). Started from the war veteran, school kids, scouts, and even a Harley Davidson's group too.
the young veteran car

the veterans

Cranbourne Police

The army's families

Cranbourne Scouts

Veteran Harley Davidson Club

Veteran and their Harley Davidsons

They didn't parade all around the city, just parade around the city center. And gathered there to follow the ceremony.

  • Ceremony
It was not far too different from the same commemoration's ceremony in Indonesia. But what makes it different, public can come along to follow the ceremony. Doesn't have to wear a fancy clothes or costumes. 

Maybe because Cranbourne is not a big suburb, so not much protocol that have to follow at the ceremony. Of course the veterans get their own sits, but you know, the people around could come and see and even sits with the veterans too.

the families from the army lining up for put the flower at the monument

Just poppies all around the ceremony places, it's enough to sign  that at that place they will do the ceremony for ANZAC day.

Started by greeting from the RSL leader, the Minister of Casey City, and he read the greeting from Victoria Mayor, and prayed by priest, ended up by placed the wrath at the monuments. So simple and not too long. Especially since the weather that day is not that hot, it wasn't caused lots of troubles too.

In this ceremony, I could see three different colors wreaths in three flagpoles, white, red, and purple. Red wreath is for Australian army, white for the nurses that serves together with the army, and purple for the animals that serve with the army too.


It doesn't mean lots of people agree with the ANZAC day in Australia. I heard that some people rejected to commemorate it because it as same as being disrespect to Australian indigenous people. The other one is someone said because Army is not serving people, so this person suggested not to put it as respecting the army.

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