30 Days Blogging Challenge || Day 11: 10 My Favourite Foods

May 24, 2018

Day 11 of 30 days blogging challenge this time is my 10 favorite foods. And so far, this is my favourite theme/.

  • indomie noodle

I'm so lucky that it easy to find Indomie noodle at Melbourne, and also my boyfriend also love eating Indomie, now his daughter also like it. 
  • Chicken
Fried it in any form, Indonesian way, American way, Mexican way. Grill it, fried it, oven it. This is also my favorite one.
  • Gorengan a.k.a Indonesian fried foods
This is actually not really healthy food back in Indonesia, but it is my guilty pleasure, and was my savior. When I still at Uni, and have not much money, and my parents always late for monthly pocket, this food is my everyday food. At that time AU$1 you could have 5 until 10 pieces of whatever. LOL.
  • Bakmi Jowo a.k.a Javanese Fried Noodle/ Ramen
You could find this street seller vendor almost in every corner at Jogjakarta Indonesia. They not just only sells noodle, but also fried rice, and cap tjay, or boiled/ vegetables. Of course my favorite one is noodle. Either it's fried or boiled. I think the thing that makes it delicious beside the spices is the way they cook it. They use the traditional braziers for the stove replacement.
  • Penyetan
One of Indonesian traditional (and easy) food. Penyetan is basically any fried chicken, fried fish, fried tempeh, fried tofu put at any kind of sambals you choose. Then serve it with warm rice and fresh vegetables.
  • Soto 
Kind of soup, but have lots of variants at Indonesia. Indonesian like to eat it for breakfast, and easy to find in everywhere, like Indonesian street vendor, or even at the Indonesian restaurant. Best time to eat it at the cold weather. Trust me.

My favourite kind of Sotos are Soto Ayam Banjar (Chicken Soup from Banjar), Soto Ayam Jawa (Chicken Soup from Java), Soto Bathok (Chicken Soup in Coconut Shell), Soto Jakarta (Meat Soup from Jakarta), and also the chicken soup that my mother made. 
  • Any wrapped food
I mean wrapped food like burrito, kebab, lumpia, that kind of wrapped food.

  • Macas Chicken Burger

Mc Chicken, Chicken n Cheese, Classic Chicken, Chicken Club House, Spicy buffalo Chicken, Double Chicken burger. This kind of Mc Donald's burger.

  • Tuna Mornay

First time try it, and I already loooove it.

  • Doughnut
Who don't love it, right? Right? 

Are you hungry after reading this? Same then, LOL.

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