30 Days Blogging Challenge|| Day 6: What I am Afraid Of

May 19, 2018

Actually I am pretty sure that I was born to be fearless. So not a lot of things that I'm afraid of. But the bigger and the older I am, I feel some fears.

Here are four of things that I am afraid of, but these four fear have different impact for me.

Visa Application

First, I am afraid that the Australian embassy reject my visa application. This kind of fear makes me stress (until now) and it is so stressful that I can't do anything while I am waiting for it.

I am a schedule freak person, if there is something that working not like the schedule or without schedule, it freak me out. And it will makes my emotion unstable. I could cry for something really simple, or start a fight just because I want it, even I know that it have no meaning for fighting.


I have love and hate relationship with my parents. You know, even you are hate some things in your parents, you can't deny that you still love them. Me too. So I am afraid that I couldn't bring them here (for vacation only of course), or the fear that they couldn't see me success.

Because one of the main reason I move to Melbourne is to get better life, for me and my parents too.

Being a Mother

I am afraid being pregnant and also giving a birth. Don't you know 1 of 5 women afraid of pregnant and giving a birth? Maybe I am one of that 1 woman.

Plus, I also afraid that I am failed raising the kids. I mean, hey, not everybody want to have a kid right?


Yes, you read it right, FLY. Before I had to fly at least once a year, and the last two years I have to fly back and fort Indonesia - Melbourne, and it is stressed me. Yes I know the international flight plane is big, but still...

You know, until I know that when the plane flew through the Indonesian sea and also flew between Western Australia - Victoria it always had a long turbulences. And it not helping get rid my fear.

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