30 Days Blogging Challeng || Day 12: My Favourite Childhood Book

May 25, 2018

Day 12, and still on fire!!

So, the theme for day 12 is my favorite childhood book.

I started really early in the terms of reading. I able to read when I was three years old, and still love to read until now.

My mother like to bought a kids magazine. In my time, kids magazine full of fantasy creatures. A pink elephant, a cat that walk with two feet, an elf, an angel, a rabbit family. In a terms of international reading, I like to read an adventure themes like Asterix and Obelix.

I still love to read those kind of magazines until my 6 years. When In my 7 years, it is difficult to get into the kids section at the library. In fact I really like the kids section at the public library at my place. Beside it is so close at home, the kids section is really feel light, and cozy. I even love to read at one corner, and sit at their carpet with stacks of comics and magazines until I fall asleep.

For a girl who hasn't been 13 years old, I love to go to library for my own, and luckily my parents never forbid me to go to the library. Maybe because it was a public library, and near home, and all I did was reading (and napping).

My parents didn't bought me lots of reading books after I entered my primary school. Perhaps because the school books already expensive, and I still love going to library at that time. So, all the fairy tales that I knew is not come from my parents, but from the public library near my home.

But, if you ask me what is my favorite childhood books, I will say Sailor Moon. 

The funny thing is I never found this manga at the kids section nor teenager section at the library, or even from my parents. I knew this manga from my neighbor. All I can remember is her parents love to bought her and her brother manga. She have lots of manga stacks at her bedroom. So everytime I played at her home, I love to sit at the one corner of her bedroom and read her manga. LOL.

Why my parents didn't want to buy me manga? Because she didn't like me reading comic.

But I am so obsessed with this pretty guardians. Everytime my brother, his friends and I do a play time, I always pretended to be Sailor Venus (while in fact I am obsessed with Sailor Mars). Why? Because I love Sailor Venus Chain weapon.

I still like this manga/ anime until now. Really classic right. Do you obsessed with them too?

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