30 Days Blogging Challenge || Day 17: My Favourite Blogs

May 30, 2018

Actually I don't really have very favourite blogs that I love to read everyday. Because I love to read any kind of blogs by anyone. Travel blog, beauty blog, culinary blog, anything.

Because I think every individual have their own style when they write. So that unique style is the one that I always enjoy to read. Either it's the way they write, or their pictures, or anything in their blog. 

But, mostly, I love to read blog about recipe. My two favorite blogs for recipe are Dear Crissy and Just A Pinch. I even subscribe them, because I love to see any recipes there to make an idea for meal/ Beside, they serve lots of international dishes too.

For beauty, I love to watch Jefferee Star's youtube channel. Don't judge me, LOL. I love how she sooooo honest about everything. Makes me happy if she review a drugstore makeup, but makes me sad when he review a very expensive makeup (can't afford it LOL).

But, I love to read any kind of beauty blog too. There is no special or favourite blog for beauty, because I think all the beauty blogger are awesome. 

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