30 Days Blogging Challenge || Day 5: Proudest Moment

May 18, 2018

Actually, I still don't have one moment that makes me super proud. Maybe because I really  not enjoying every moment that I have before, or probably all of those moments didn't leave a trace in me.

Do I proud I have my bachelor degree? Or can earn money? Of course, but never being as a PROUDEST moment.

And I still think I have lots of homeworks to finish, and before I am finish it, it means it still not being my proudest moment.


I once really happy, when I am able to stand up with my own feet, and also helping my family. That is why, I really want to have at that point again, and of course with a better level.

Moving to Melbourne is one of my plan to get better. I'm hopping this plan is one of so many plans that can make me really proud of me.

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