30 Days Blogging Challenge || Day 14: 3 Healthy Habits

May 27, 2018

Day fourteen and the theme is a little bit difficult. Because I think I don't have much healthy habit.

  • Think Positive
Positive thinking is the healthy habit, right? Especially when I am now in the transition. A very different environment, the change of life rhythm, it can depressed me. So by trying thinking positive, I think it also can makes the healthier me.

The result is not just making me less depressed, but I think I become more positive to other people too. 
  • Keep my skin moist
This also part of healthy habit right? LOL. Especially not only life, but also my skin is change after move to Melbourne. So I tried so hard to keep the skin moist. Lots of moisturizer is a must. And more skin care than make up now. Drink lots and lots of water too. 
  • Keep the House As  Tidy as I can
I have a little allergic to dust too. Even thought in Melbourne the dust is less than in Indonesia, but still I tried to keep the house have a little dust and sand, and everything dusty. Hate it. LOL.

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