30 Days Blogging Challenge || Day 16: Toughts on Education

May 29, 2018

I think it is so important. It is so important for me to get more education for my self as a woman and as a person. 

I came from the country that it is so difficult to make people around me understand, that education have no gender. So many times I become a black sheep of the family just because I don't want to marry in my 20, I keep telling my family that I want to study higher.

Some of women in my family have the same level education as me, but different level of University, and trust me, I even don't care about how high level is my University, but they are. And they think become a woman who get better education will be an old virgin.

It took so many times and emotions to tell them that better education will makes us a better person. No matter the gender is. But for them, the higher a woman take her education, the more they become so far from being a wife.

Yes, for them, being a woman mean being a great wife (in old term). Taking care husband, and the kids. Staying at home, greet the husband when he came from work. 

So, there is not a surprise if you read or hear there are still so many marries with under age woman. 

Even thought there are some women already think that they are the one who choose their destiny, including marry and education in Indonesia.

I guess my country still have to fight harder to makes people realise that education is really important. For any gender.

Because a well educated woman means a better family too.

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