Stage 2 Applying Partner Visa Australia

May 09, 2018

Finally, I have finished stage 1 for applying my partner visa, now I am at the stage 2, which is I have to compile all the documents that they needed.

It not easy. Even thought we tried to compile it since the beginning of filling the form, but it still took us lots of emotions.

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Since the Australian immigration already warned me about my tourist visa, so finally we finished filling the form at 10 January 2018. Not long after I submit the online form, I received my Bridging Visa type A.

With this Bridging Visa, I could stay and work in Australia while my partner visa in process. And I could apply for Medicare too.

But I couldn't go out from Australia. So if one day I want to go out from Australia for something important, and come back to Australia, I should apply for another visa.

Email from Australian Embassy

Since the embassy told us took 16-22 months for processing my visa, so My boyfriend and I thought we could save some money for getting some documents that need money, and needed after we apply the online form. Such as Medical Examination, Police check in Indonesia and Australia, etc.

But, three months after I applied my form, the Australian Embassy from Jakarta (don't ask me why it Australian Embassy at Jakarta) send me an email that told me they gave us 28 days to finish all the documents that they need.

Since I already stayed in Australia for more than 12 months in accumulate. I should take not only Indonesia, but also Australian Federal Police Check too. Apparently, the day of staying in Australia will count since the first time you visit Australia, even with tourist visa.

Panic? Of course. It will be not as easy at getting the email today, tomorrow taking care all of it, and the day after tomorrow I could finish it. At the end, I send them an email stated that I need more than 28 days to finish all the requirement they needed. Thankfully they gave us another 28 days.

It is long process because I have to gather all the third parties documents. In Indonesia and also Australia. It take lots of emotion, and patient. Especially when I have to make documents in Indonesia. 
  • Indonesia Police Check (SKCK)

Because I was born and stayed in Indonesia for more than 10 years, I should have to take a police check in Indonesia. It will be the same at your own country. Basically, they need police check in every country that you have stayed for more than 10 years.

And this is a long waiting and long patient for me too. Since I asked help to my friend, I have to find her free day to do it. And it tooks a good four months just to wait for her have only one day to help me.

I also wrote about how to do online registration for Indonesian Police check (SKCK) HERE

  • Australian Federal Police Check
The embassy need my boyfriend and I for AFP check. Luckily, we could do it online. But they also able to do it offline. You just need to print the form and send it to them.

Since we did it online, what we need is only the active printer. This printer is only need one time for print and one time for scan for one application. Because we need to print one of the acknowledge document each, sign it, and scan then attache it.

After that, we just answer all the questions that pop up in their page. Finish, and pay, then wait. It tooks us 5 days only for receive our AFP by mail.
Australian Federal Police Check
For this AFP, per 2018 it cost AU$42.14 each person. And you could pay it right after you finished filling the form.

They will give us the receipt by email after you finish pay, and this receipt will be another evidence for your applications. 
  • Finger Print for Indonesian Police Check (SKCK)
In Indonesia, you will have another documents having SKCK, including finger print that have to be taken at police office. Since in Australia you have to book an appointment for this, I called them, and have to find the fastest date.

Luckily, the fastest date we found is just a week latter, but we have to drove 3 hours to it. Luckily the place is where my boyfriend's parents stay. So we also able to meet his parents too.

Since you couldn't pay it in cash, you will need eftpos or check. Since this police office didn't have eftpos, we paid them with check. It cost AU$48.30 per April 2018 each person.
  • Medical Examination
The most expensive things to do for this visa application is Medical examination. It tooks your time and money and also emotion. 
First, I booked trough my immiaccount. It just filled some question about my history of illness. If you didn't have any serious illness it will be easier. After finished it, they give me this HAP number. Which this number will be the other identification for your examination.

You couldn't do the examination before the immigration asks you to do. And also, you couldn't do it in every hospital or places you like. They have their own places for you to do your examinations.

The second step for this is book your day online at BUPA. In this step you will know how to do a book for your examination. When you finish, you will get email from BUPA for your book, and after that place a call to a place you want to go for the third step, then you will have an actual book to get your medical examination.

Forth step is came to the BUPA place at the time you do book. Don't forget to bring all the documents that they need. The documents will be stated in your email and when you do a phone book.

When I came to the place, I have to booked again and have a picture taken by the receptionist. They asked me several question (since I am a woman) like do I have my period or finish my period less than a week, and am I pregnant. they also asked me is it alright if the doctor male, and do I need a translator for me. After that I came to the examination room.

Oh, but before, I had to pay for it. Per April 2018 I had to pay around AU$358.07 each. It already include Xray, blood test, and medical check, plus HIV test.

I didn't know the result of my examination, because it sent righ to the embassy. But the doctor that examined me said if I received no phone call or email about my medical examination mean everything is alright, and I don't have to do further examination. 
  • Translate all non English Language Documents

If you are came from non English language country, you will need your identification documents to be translate to English. In Indonesia, some documents like national ID, Birth Certificate, and also Family Card didn't have English language. But police check had it. So I have to translate it into English language.

To translate it, you will need the sworn translator to do it. If you are at Australia when you lodge your visa, you just find the NAATI website to find the translator near you. My experienced, I contacted all the translator in Victoria who put their email at the NAATI website, to asked for their price.

Per 2018, more less they have the same prize for translating one document. But if you lucky you will get the translator that willing to give you a discount plus no additional fee if you want them to send the hard copy of your translate documents. 

Evidence of Relationship

I once wrote about how Australian government really want to know the detail of your relations. Started from your relationship with your partner, your partner's friend, your partner's family, and how you spends time as a partner, etc.

I could understand why they do that, since they don't want any fraud for the immigrate here. So yeah, I tried to gather lot of evidences for this
  • Contact While Apart
Of course we had our long distance relations for a year. And of course the immigration will need the proof, like chat record, phone record, skype, email, or anything that shows that you still in contact in your long distance relations time. 
  • Length of de facto relations
What have you done in your relations. Like going holiday together, or doing something together. I gathered all the tickets when I visited him in Australia, or ticket where we had our holiday at Bali, or any ticket at any event we went together, hotel booked, lunch club cards, etc.
  • Nature of Couple Household
Going to movie, family event, holiday with the family, or any social event I have been together. Of course it will took lots and lots of pictures. But tell them that you need it as the evidences for the immigration.
  • Nature of Couple Mutual Commitment
Since we are not married yet, it is so difficult to tell them that we are really in the mutual commitment. Luckily we have this statutory declaration form for partner visa. All we going to do is just let my boyfriend fill it, then bring it to the Justice of Peace. Where you could find the Justice of Peace? at the nearest Police office. 
  • Couple are Living Together
They will asked you about joint account in everything. House rent, house name,bank, everything. But yes, some of us probably didn't have joint account, right.

You could give evidences like shopping bill, like I did. I didn't throw all the shopping bill, I keep it, and scan it, then luckily we have one joint account, even thought it just account reward. I also put that as the evidence too.

Form 80, Form 40SP, and Form 888

This forms is really important and they will asked you to fill it. 
  • Form 80

This is a personal character assessment form that I have to fill it by my self. Basically, you will fill every detail of your identity. Name, where and when  you were born, other name, citizenship status, etc.

This form will also need you to fill your email, phone number, places you stay for the last 10 years (including in Australia), education, your travelling to other country, your travelling to Australia.

Plus, military history, name of your partner, your parents, your kids, your sibling. If you are migrate with your family, you will be ask for their identity too. 
  • Form 40SP
This form is filled by your sponsor (partner). So I asked my boyfriend to fill it. The point basically is the same like the one I fill, but some question in this form asked him about the length of him know me, and the reason why we have long distance relationship, and some question about his sponsorship. 
  • Form 888
This form is filled by Australian citizen or Permanent Resident that know my boyfriend and me. This will be the statement for them as the witnesses of our relationship.  

After I finished doing all of those things, I just attached it at my immiaccount together with other evidences, then submit it, then send an email to the embassy that I already finish attaching all the required documents.

Then we wait...

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